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  1. How do you decipher all this stuff? Makes my head hurt.
  2. FF 6 and 8 badly need a remake. Dropped Chrono Cross midway. Hopefully they will flesh out story better this time.
  3. Also I am biased towards id Soft so kinda pointless. (From 90s)
  4. Its personal preference but I prefer high TTK so Infinite multi will land above TF2. Doom campaign cannot be beaten so if Infinite can match it at best. Which will be like, best result possible.
  5. Multi- Titanfall 2 Single Player - Doom Eternal
  6. Not easier than keyboard and mouse. Depends on game.
  7. Its there in every game. Playing on controller can be frustrating without it. If you overshoot even a little, it's easy to adjust using mouse, not so with stick.
  8. Aim assist is always there in console games. Being innovative is not a replacement for aim assist. You need to keep crosshair on opponent and empty a clip at least. Simple as that.
  9. Ray tracing has a lot of use in materials and textures. Say, if you have a glass jug, you can have huge amount of reflections/ refractions in it that can give them much more accurate look. Same for skin tones. But using it like this will bring even an rtx 3090 to its knees, as per some experts.
  10. Big team battles are riotous fun. Playing with randoms with zero coordination, still is enjoyable. I think scam gang should try dodgeball. It can be fun with good coordination. Also aim assist is quiet effective. I feel kb+ mouse players might be at disadvantage. Not sure.
  11. Ray tracing reduces manual input and gives accurate rendering. So it's a win win situation. But is atleast couple of generations away from being fully utilised. Even Unreal engine 5 has Lumen technology that doesn't do full ray tracing for lighting but is an approximation.
  12. Even Radical has this misconception about himself. Last time he called himself "dispeller of lies" and got banned for such a huge lie. More like "dispenser of lies"
  13. Depends on what you want. A 1080p 27" monitor can offer 144hz with 1ms response time for Rs 15-17k. TVs won't have that response time, even best ones have 10ms + response time.
  14. Hard to buy a gaming monitor at 1080p that isn't 144 Hz these days. By the way, Series S 120 fps games also are One S version, same as Series X. So this definitely is not a matter of power. Its more a matter of how good BC is on xbox. Even original xbox games look pristine at 1080p when upscaled and at 60 fps.
  15. I see. You get peace when you have best system on market.
  16. But what if we get mid gen refresh? Chasing best fidelity possible is moving target. Well worth it at full 35k I paid. I must have played 20-30 k worth of games on gamepass already. MS gave me 8 month gamepass for free on top of that.
  17. No issues with console or controller so far. Just make sure controller is in good shape. I have heard stories about some issues with them.
  18. Their Witcher 3 just left gamepass, just a few weeks ago though.
  19. Yeah. I used to play as well. There are some random pros I joined. It really becomes Gears Tactics or xcom with cut throat competition.
  20. Gears 5? Its 4 yrs old yet you will find players. Both have dedicated fan base. Playlists can be 5-7 pages long depending on time of the day.
  21. MS has 2 multi games with different flavours. I am noticing people who like one don't like the other. I like both though.
  22. Started playing this yesterday. Feels tense. Gears 5 multi feels therapeutic in comparison.
  23. He might've played it already. Its a short game you can finish over a long weekend despite costing Rs 5k. Not to mention it came out months ago. So is practically ancient at this point. So I am assuming he has played it.
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