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  1. How are consoles doing ok in Japan? Rest of the world, mobile and console gaming have 50-50 market share. Stop referring to Famitsu or whatever for gauging success. This is 2021 data: Japan is the third biggest market in the video gaming industry with a value of $29 billion in 2021, accounting for 16% of the global market size. With $2.7 billion in Console gaming, $22.5 billion in Mobile gaming, and $3.8 billion in PC gaming, Japan is among the top five countries in all segments and is the second biggest market in the Asia-Pacific region. https://www.globaldata.com/data-insights/technology-media-and-telecom/market-size-of-video-gaming-in-japan/#:~:text=With %242.7 billion in Console,in the Asia-Pacific region. Historically, they have crafted success of blue print. Then they get out of the way. They made blue print for console shooters. Then let third party run with it. God of War owes a lot of its success to Halo. Especially how to create hype for a sequal. They launched Halo 2 in 2004 setting up Halo 3 in epic way. This was copied by God of War 2 whole sale in 2007, setting up GOW 3. Then again in 2018, setting up Ragnorok. This multi installment hype is what has driven GOW series to where it is today.
  2. It was a joke. I know MS will have more success going for Fortnite crowd than Japanese market. I do wish however, they have more say in Japanese market. For console industry in Japan's sake. Despite it being a small country with miniscule population, it is a 44 billion gaming market (US is 59 billion in comparison). Yet consoles are not doing all that great. Everyone is on mobile. They simply don't take consoles as seriously and are ok with them getting marginalised. As long as PC is doing ok.
  3. Huh?? What? They did this 3 yrs ago with flight simulator. And it makes sense to do it with that game.
  4. This is because Sony has everything exclusive to their system. After buying a couple of Japanese publishers like Capcom and Sega, am sure MS would be able to increase market share by a few points.
  5. Yeah, none of this is Sony's fault. It's just their bad luck. Though, FF 15 did sold over a million on xbox one. That's good enough sales for a port. It will basically fund the game development. Sony is just blocking the release by marketing contracts. Which is kinda useless and a waste of money for both companies.
  6. Nixxes might be working on Spiderman 2.
  7. Hopefully Japanese government will allow them to buy Capcom next, to make up for the damage they have done to the brand.
  8. His takes are same. Xbox games have started to come out, he is ignoring that.
  9. I guess Quake 3 Arena reboot is going to upset you? I suspect you would be scrambling to upgrade your PC when that gets announced. Or maybe getting an Xbox
  10. Hand beneath gun looks like Payakan. I was expecting a 3rd person action game.
  11. I know. Loved em in Dino Crisis 2. Was expecting a sh*t show but turned out it felt pretty responsive. And the game was addicting. Couldn't finish it though cause gave away my Vita.
  12. You should be playing more games. We are talking about Bethesda games. They are not 10-12 hrs long.
  13. Zero grinding in Bethesda RPGs. Stats are just build related. A lot of battles you can bypass by making different choices.
  14. You can still get 3yrs of GP by converting gold. Gold is at all time low price of Rs 750 for 6 months. Later they will likely phase out gold and you will have to pay GP console price of Rs 350 pm. They are not trying to price themselves out of the market. At some point it makes sense to just buy games. At worst it will be like Fallout 4. So, still pretty good.
  15. Vaibhavp

    Diablo IV

    Yes. You will get to sell it or salvage it in town. Just drop some items if your inventory is full. It's not worth much unless rare items.
  16. Vaibhavp


    Yup agree ?
  17. It's a sandbox game, not a hoard shooter. A lot of previews are praising their getting out of comfort zone and making a open world with Arkane style gameplay.
  18. Don't remind this to people all the time. It's sensetive matter ?
  19. Vaibhavp


    Hiding behind metascore and awards? That too while criticising Arkane titles doesn't make sense. They are critically highly rated, multiple award winners as well. Besides, Arkane games don't click with everyone, immediately. Their sandbox nature not everyone gets it.
  20. Vaibhavp


    I have a ton of material I can post in Ragnorok thread.
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