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  1. What Nintendo games are you talking about? Sony has Returnal. what else?
  2. This is misleading. Xbox games are mostly online oriented. You dont need to release a new game every 6 months as that divides community. Check out Gears 5, Halo 5 right now. They are constantly updated and you easily get 2-3 PS single player games worth of content. Both these games now have active communities and are ton of fun online, even for casual players like me. They are following GAAS model.
  3. Vaibhavp


    Sci fi is my favourite genre. Also new ip means it will be something fresh. Hopefully Bethesda has crafted something special. Like Mass effect was.
  4. Anyone interested in Halo 5 campaign co-op let me know. Just played first mission. This game plays so well. And the multiplayer is absolutely massive. So many maps and modes.
  5. Vaibhavp


    Was super hyped it was releasing this year. Recent reports say next year. Disappointed.
  6. Hello everyone. This is Vaibhav. Just picked up Series S and gamepass. If you want to play online let me know.
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