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  1. Ok, I don't understand any of that But, got it. Sekiro is harder. Good thing I haven't bought it yet. Was waiting to finish Dark Souls 3. Maybe now will delay it indefinitely. Elden Ring, Wo Long both seem right in terms of difficulty.
  2. Anyone who has played both, which is harder, this or Sekiro?
  3. Vaibhavp

    Atomic Heart

    Played a good 3-4 hrs chunk of the game. Game mechanics are as solid as I have seen. Really surprising, coming from new team for their first game. Only issue is some design decisions, like healer robots. Gamers like to "complete" their games, don't like the idea that a robot comes and resurrects enemies I just killed. But these minor hiccups can be easily fixed, maybe with just a patch. It plays like a survival game. You need to zap them before shooting, or dodge their attach then fire from close range. It also gives you limited bullets so you can't spray and pray. I get more healing items, which are needed cause battles are tense, even a group of 3 basic robots can take you down.
  4. Combat in this is really good. Wasn't planning on starting it, but just might.
  5. This is me after looking at the games installed on SSD. Borderline back log.
  6. People who played it complained about it. It was so much that I noticed it. I didn't say anything about it myself.
  7. It launched at 35k. Buyers know it the best. Or maybe I should take opinions from fanboys online.
  8. I paid 35k for it from a retailer. Worth every penny.
  9. Nah, not feeling excited to get into a game like this.
  10. Cool. I suspect it will take a month or so to get fixed on pc.
  11. Being a HP fan (read all books day 1 back then), I like the idea of the game. But something is pulling me from pressing that buy button. Monster Hunter addiction doesn't help. Dunno why not finding idea of playing this game appealing.
  12. If you wanna get down to single frame drops, xbox has a system level advantage with every game. You can send every game in 120 fps package. Pair it with elite controller and a 120 fps, low latency screen, and you are looking at extremely responsive system, that responds to even slightest of touches to the stick. Making most of your 120 fps display. On PS5 you need a in game 120 fps mode, it doesn't come with every game.
  13. Baldurs Gate 3 is day 1. Coop partners already anticipating announcement. Just finished Divinity OS2 with a friend.
  14. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    This is very good. Thats all. Must play. Less scary than Dead Space, more action oriented with greater variety in things to do. Evil Within 2 i didn't like so did not finish it. But it's creature design was really good. This one is almost as good.
  15. Vaibhavp


    I haven't played it, i have said it before as well. It is a roguelite from what I get, is it something else? Except, it focuses more on movement/ gunplay instead of varied builds.
  16. Vaibhavp


    Explaining why rogue like genre is the way it is. Housemarque is making bigger games now, as what they said.
  17. Vaibhavp


    This is a roguelite. Thats how these work. Normally indie games used to follow this genre, giving you bang for your buck with small number of levels but high replayabiliy with different random builds for each run. For some reason bigger companies are picking it up.
  18. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    Never done that. I buy if I wanna play. Don't buy much day 1 stuff though cause full digital and MS games are on gamepass anyways.
  19. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    This game is confusing me. Should I get it or not? I don't play remakes if I have played original, with few exceptions. This looks like a new experience for most part, but not fully. Either way, looking very good. Maybe I will just stick to RE8 and RE2 that I have installed.
  20. They say "after you finish the story" ... If this has a finish-able story, I think it will be very good.
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