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  1. People didn't like Ironwood section? I thought they loved it here.
  2. Nope. Unless you are Einstein. It's not a roguelite. Just has a mechanic in which you start at same position if you die. Its map is divided in 4 sections and 4 times of a day. Visionaries keep changing their positions, you have to figure out how to get them in right place at right time. Your skill as player doesn't matter that much. More of a puzzle game.
  3. Single stretch means played it non stop for 2 weeks. Not a single sitting.
  4. Yeah, maybe it's smart business. I will skip the gen though. Next gen they will fumble most likely, then I will pick up stuff that looks appealing.
  5. PS games are not for you if you have seen a ton of Hollywood blockbusters and are done with them. Though there are probably lot of people who still enjoy them. Xbox has a collection of studios they recently purchased. So they all have their own identity. You cannot look at a game and say "it looks like an xbox game" if they make a new IP. It's weakest Arkane game. They ruined the need to explore and make use of mechanics they created. Instead you keep chasing markers. Too much hand holding in the game. With that said, i finished it in a single stretch, really enjoyed art, music and vibe of the game.
  6. 3ds was much better. I played all their games, never paid over 2k for any game. Most were $20-30. Only this gen due to success of Switch they have lost their mind.
  7. How about discounting Metroid Dread that sold 3 million or so. Keep Pokemon, Mario etc expensive.
  8. Deathloop is good. It's not for everyone, but if you enjoy their games it's well worth a playthrough. Definitely far more enjoyable than cinematic / Marvel-like stuff for me.
  9. It's Arkane. What do you expect? Get ready for proper sandbox elements in open world. No one does them like they do. At least that's what is being promised.
  10. Never buying any Nintendo system till they price their games properly. Want to be able to buy all their games at Rs 1000-1500 in 2 yrs after release. Especially since I really enjoy some of them but others are meh/okish.
  11. Most interested in Minecraft Legends. Radfall is must play and have seen enough. Arkane is doing same thing they did with Deathloop and giving it overexposure. Just want release date, probably won't see the footage.
  12. Yup, gonna dive into MHR with some buddies. This offering is above and beyond what is expected. Monster Hunter is biggest Japanese franchise outside Nintendo I think. Day 1 means Capcom is serious about growing in Western market.
  13. Isn't Playground killing it with Forza Horizon 5? At least choose a studio that's struggling.
  14. Yeah, he names it right at start, before I was able to wear headphones I suspect he is referring to how From drops visual cues, like when you reach Leyendell in Elden Ring, you understand a lot of its lore. I doubt he would ask players to read read item descriptions to piece together the story. Still, good thing they want to rely less on cut scenes, my number 1 gripe with a lot of these games.
  15. Druckmann doesn't name drop Elden Ring. They are talking about letting you figure it out things by yourself. That sounds like Arkane brand of story telling. It will be their own take on that obviously. Maybe a happy medium of what Arkane does and what they are doing right now. Elden Ring shouldn't be replicated by them. Let Japanese handle that. They are good at it.
  16. Good news. Finally I can start considering a PlayStation console.
  17. Play Goliath. If you have it installed. Thats mind-blowing. Even if you are playing it casually, it still is worth unlocking. Though I must say, if game isn't clicked with you, it's just a waste of time. You take in pretty vistas, nothing else. (If you are not destroying normal difficulty, that's a pretty clear sign it hasn't).
  18. Vaibhavp


    id Soft
  19. When you list em like that it looks like a mountain of backlog. I have not played a lot of them but I would just skip a lot of them. Even if a lot of them are definitely pretty good. Personally I give priority to latest releases on gamepass, especially if they have coop. Would rather play few rounds of OverWatch with scam gang rather than slogging through backlog. If at some point I get time to play some of these, will definitely do so.
  20. Just started High on Life. Very enjoyable. Game has ton of character. I can see why it went viral. Definitely not run of the mill boring type of game.
  21. Vaibhavp

    Elden Ring

    Insane stuff. This boss fight has inspired so many people.
  22. Vaibhavp

    Elden Ring

    I got a chance to play with a dude who played even better than "let me solo her". More aggressive and even less hits he took.
  23. Vaibhavp


    Don't mind a delay. That's what I said in my post. Already many games to play with Monster Hunter Rise releasing next month.
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