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  1. Last of us is waste of money. Spending $200 million on what could have been made in $50 million. Play Plagues Tale series. RDR cannot be made in smaller budget so thats fine. Same goes for Starfield. God of War is also fine. If game concept justifies bigger budget, by all means spend on it.
  2. I don't think they should make $200 million games unless game absolutely cannot be made without it. AA style game with a good variety they are putting out is what I would rather have. Don't know AW2 budget. Would be surprised if it was higher than 50m. That's AA category. 2-3 million sales and you are good. Avowed is clarified by Obsidian CEO himself, it's AA. It's not Skyrim level production as people thought it was going to be.
  3. Yeah, agreed. I pay less attention to metascore, the more it goes like this.
  4. This one takes the cake. Hall of fame level post Never knew one could find negatives in creating brand new games like Starfield and HI FI Rush.
  5. AA games are good. Games like Avowed, Alan Wake 2 etc. Not every game has to have Starfield Or Diablo 4 budget.
  6. Sony doesn't share statistic. Days Gone sold 10 million copies. Anecdotal evidence but it is solid.
  7. That's due to bundling. PS first party customer base is around 10 million. Games they don't heavily bundle get to around that mark.
  8. LMAO Control has 82 metascore. Yup this isn't gonna score high. Doesn't have $200 million budget.
  9. Don't care for meta. It's not gonna score high like some of hyped titles. But I might like this more.
  10. Don't get me wrong. I think they did a good job with swinging and traversal. It's this stuff that gets annoying to me. Suddenly you have to mash buttons or rotate sticks etc. When it's working of course.
  11. Even if this wasn't a bug, what type of controller breaking gameplay is this??
  12. Cool. I feel there needs to be a proper generational leap between sequels. Like between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite.
  13. What is worth making hue and cry about? Making same game again with a different story definitely is one.
  14. This just cements their shill nature. 10/10 in reviews while their actual twitter account is posting issues with the game. It's an irrelevant metric at this point.
  15. Insomniac are magicians. Those bugs you see are magic tricks.
  16. This is putting Fifa / COD to shame in terms of incremental improvements, especially when you consider it's a generational leap. Yet it's somehow game of the generation contender (91 metascore) Journalists are lost cause. They don't update review scores based on how game is today.
  17. Traversal is faster. I get it. Slightly better than original. Is that enough for a 4 point metascore bump. Dont think so. Everything else seems way too similar to original. Even weak points. Even traversal isn't as much improved as it should have. They have bugs on top of that.
  18. That's exactly what Radical is doing. Comparing a pack in campaign with full story based SP game. Currently Halo Infinite has too much content. More than players to play it.
  19. You can't be serious with this. Then I will bring up steam current players for comparison between both publishers, and everyone will be like.... This is so unfair.
  20. Dunno man. 91 metascore is more like game of the generation material. Never heard anyone say it is one. All i have seen is, it's as good as part 1. If you like that you will like this. Not a high praise exactly.
  21. All the journalists are saying it's more of the same. Yet giving it higher scores for some reason. Seems odd to me.
  22. Sequals here have improved or at least changed considerably. SM2 i am hearing has same issues as original. Side activities, slow walking sections, etc. This was present in original as well, no? Except fast loading.
  23. You have played it. But haven't said anything about why it's better than original. I can talk about Starfield if you are interested.
  24. You don't have to take it so hard dude. It's still a good 85 metascore game. Inflated for whatever reason. (85 cause it's derivative, part 1 is 87 so this gets lower). Metacritic isn't reliable any more.
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