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    Looking good.
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    Series S versions are much smaller now.
  3. No console, no hype. If you are playing on phone/tablet, your experience will be tailored by Google/Apple. Has happened with Sega. If it hasn't replaced traditional gaming, it's obviously not good enough. None of console manufacturers have made any serious attempts at cloud gaming. Their best interest is in traditional gaming.
  4. Hopefully not. But without a console and first party hype, I don't see them having same presence.
  5. Sony has nothing to do with blocking the deal. It's Apple/Google who will benefit the most by cloud gaming taking over traditional gaming. You just need a screen for that. I expect Sony/Nintendo to become irrelevant as well once cloud gaming becomes dominant.
  6. Unit sales might not be that high, i dunno. Engagement is high and they are aiming for that, this much is clear for a long time. So they are successful.
  7. Which is far more important stat. Most big companies are interested in these over pure unit sales. Just looking at unit sales instead of engagement is sure fire way of going the Japan way.
  8. Why do console sales matter when players are drowning in games ??
  9. Anyone here getting MHR Sunbreak for Xbox? It's releasing in a few days.
  10. Is this stuff scripted or realtime? I will be disappointed if they made QuickTime heavy stuff like this. Needs to feel good while controlling.
  11. You don't know this, what's the resolution of those images, are they direct feed of the game ... Etc
  12. Did well apparently. Cool. Looks fun.
  13. Vaibhavp


    Looking good.
  14. Making a trailer is one thing. Making a 50 hrs game is another. And a their next game is gonna be likely Spiderman 2. Will be interesting to see how much progress they have made compared to 2018 game. Wouldn't be surprised if it was just a graphics and lip syncing overhaul. Considering Insomniac rehashes their sequals a lot.
  15. Great first effort, glad it paid off. https://list23.com/1360970-atomic-heart-exceeds-expectations-revenues-increased-by-36-at-focus-entertainment/ "Atomic Heart Exceeds Expectations, Revenues Increased by 36% at Focus Entertainment"
  16. Engagement is best metric. And is basically used by all gaming companies. Hogwarts Legacy released engagement metrics first before putting out sales numbers, when a lot of people asked for it. They want people to play games, not just buy and sit on them.
  17. They use engagement as metric. Definitely have some criteria for measuring success. How else will they answer to their shareholders??
  18. Same studios that were making SP titles are making GAAS titles. These days any game takes 5+ yrs to develop. You should expect next SP titles on PS6.
  19. What about Suicide Squad? Does Rocksteady now have approval to launch it?
  20. That's typical budget for game of this size. Approximate sales from steam can be had, going by no of reviews, concurrent player count etc https://vginsights.com/game/1817230
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