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  1. PC has every xbox game. Even the gamepass. Both are MS platforms.
  2. Where that 20k figure for UK came from? That much it sells in Japan in a week.
  3. Only thing going way of Wii U, Vita is PSVR2 due to limited software support. Series consoles have big ones coming. No other systems have anything comparable to STARFIELD.....
  4. PC/ Console gaming will never loose to mobile under MS watch. Thats an actual concern. Nobody cares if Sony / Nintendo sell more consoles than MS, except fanboys. It's a given, under the circumstances.
  5. I actually agree with this. Gamepass is offering too much and could be unsustainable if they are unable to get Acti-Blizz and reach a much broader audience. With that said, I find it hilarious that writer wants these big companies to extract as much revenue from a small userbase as possible. MS is big company and they think that way. All innovation they have done in gaming has helped industry grow tremendously. Unlike Sony, Nintendo that lost to mobile in their home market
  6. It's more of a remake than a remaster. Definitely play if anyone haven't already. One of best Nintendo games out there. Only issue is last level is very frustrating. I couldn't beat it due to that. If final boss beats you, you have to replay whole level again. Hopefully they changed it in remake.
  7. Yeah, not for me though. I kinda loose any interest in games like these. Starts to feel inconsequential.
  8. Vaibhavp

    Persona 5

    Have played it just for an hour, but Persona games tend to be grind free at beginning. Cannot say about how it ends though.
  9. Vaibhavp

    Atomic Heart

    Start with Hogwarts. This one we dunno how full game would be. Though it's looking good so far.
  10. Definitely not coming to Gamepass. It's Warner Bros. Wanna buy it to put in digital library. Will buy on sale in a year.
  11. RT mode is 30 fps 1440p. Unlocked it goes from 30-60 fps. Recipe for jitters due to VRR kicking in. 40 fps balanced mode is 1800p 40 fps locked. You can unlock it safely on Series X cause it's VRR threshold is 40 fps against 48 on PS5. All this is basic, non refutable stuff.
  12. Dude, seriously? You wanna discuss all this here? I was being polite when I merely mentioned above save transfer on PS ecosystem. If you are building a digital library and have access to pc/xbox, that's the way to go. Backwards compatibility is full fledged, no compromise there. If you are buying discs, then yeah, PS version makes more sense, for collection or selling off, whatever you prefer. As for RT, check all compromise you have to make. Resolution, FPS, noise in reflections. All these are compromised. You don't even get GI, an effect that cannot be replicated by old gen lighting methods. Just reflections, that too not on water bodies. Nobody would be playing on that except for checking it out of curiosity Performance RT mode unlocked on PS5 regularly dips below VRR threshold of 48 fps. No way it will feel smooth. 40 fps mode locked/unlocked is best way to play if you have VRR. Else choose between 30 or 60 fps.
  13. No 1 in terms of no of players. Any and everything is being used for console war. Xbox was never intended to surpass PS in sales by MS. It's a much smaller company. There is no Xbox India subsidiary or anywhere else in World except a few key markets.
  14. How many hours? Game looks too hard to be enjoyable to me. Will try Wo Long next month to see how I like it.
  15. Jim Ryan will have a stroke if you removed it from PlayStation. It's biggest game out there.
  16. Have you seen RT in Fortnite (latest update)? Thats how it needs to be done. Everything is turned on, GI, shadows, reflections etc. On top it's smooth 60 fps.
  17. It's not a vs conversation Have you seen how you transfer save files from ps4 to ps5. There is no comparison. Besides, performance is same. Only one mode (RT) is where xbox version dips below ps5 version. All other modes are similar. And you shouldn't be playing in RT mode on consoles anyways. Wait for UE5 games if you want RT in consoles.
  18. Physical with ability to sell - PS5 Digital - Xbox. Xbox has better strategy if you want to have a digital library. You will still have access to it 2 generations later and will be enhanced.
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