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  1. What? How do you know this and how is it relevant?? My library is 100% digital and I buy every month.
  2. Biggest praise is garnered by characters, storytelling. Surprise surprise, they are same across version 1.6 and 2.0. Graphics? Same thing. But any ways, looks to be a good and enjoyable game. That's all that matters. Will get full version in some time.
  3. Game was fixed some 1+ year ago. Nobody shilled for it back then. Right now suddenly everyone is like ... this is GOTY for some reason. Same game. Sorry, am not buying it. They waited 2.0 and Phantom Liberty to drop. Then send the marketing machine into overdrive.
  4. IMO not GOTY contender from what I have played. Good game, worth playing. Too linear for my taste. But it's getting praised to high heaven for some reason. Comes across as clear shilling and redemption narrative from how I see it.
  5. Keep telling yourself that while playing cinematic qte fest. Meanwhile I am watching next Spiderman movie to get superior story experience.
  6. Refer to patch notes up. Everything has been retouched. No paid shilling like Cyberpunk for it either. It's fixed and nobody knows about it. This is how xbox is profitable.
  7. Can't see the video cause outside. Hopefully it's fixed/wil be fixed in near future.
  8. 60 fps patch is here. Also looking at fix notes, I think turn around is close. Reading some positive impressions. Gonna try it at some point. https://bethesda.net/en/article/2ruysKHwtR65wk1VSFa9XO/redfall-game-update-2-release-notes
  9. I loved Control. It was great. Kind of title that doesn't make your goty list, but years later you remember it the most.
  10. I don't get hyped these days . But am feeling a very mild one for this. I don't even like the original. It's effect of Control I guess? Similar to how I felt when I first saw Cyberpunk 2077. I don't even know how it plays or if it will even be good.
  11. That's incorrect as well. The amount of FUD that's generated about the game is ridiculous.
  12. It's anything but unambitious. If you say that, only thing I can say is , are you out of your mind? Play it, love it, hate it ... I don't care. It's a Bethesda game for better or worse. But calling it unambitious is grade A bullshit.
  13. It is. Starfield is a different game though. 1000 planets with story and lore. Instead of whole galaxy with pure survival gameplay.
  14. Should be. I was also thinking of doing it. But after looking at a review, i think I am not ready to play another AC having played 2 of them recently.
  15. Starfield is an unambitious game. Hard to trust reviews after this nonsense.
  16. Vaibhavp


    Damn, how many hours did you put into it. Am assuming you did everything in the game, crafting to base/ship building.
  17. Forspoken?? Stalker 2 screenshots are better than that game.
  18. Looking good. Am hearing it has some elements of non linearity and how you find and tackle missions. Sounds good. Not sure if I will get time this year, but will get to it at some point.
  19. Second worst Forza but how much do you like it? I think gamepass is doing a good job with getting us out of herd mentality. If it's not good you can always go back to other games after giving it a shot.
  20. Told you, Redfall is better than this. Though in all seriousness, i would be pretty happy if game i am looking forward to released in this state.
  21. There are smaller games. Remnant 2, Alan Wake 2 ... etc. Remnant 2 is what I have played, looks amazing. Open world UE5 games will be something else. Cross gen games can also look amazing. Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Forbidden West example. They don't have image stability like UE5 games but make up in other areas.
  22. Vaibhavp


    Nothing major. Some small patches.
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