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  1. You need to make games for it to take off. Like, Half Life Alyx level of 5 games at least. Before I get serious about dropping 50k on hardware.
  2. Thats the point. He could be making games. We have exceptional quality creators in tv space already.
  3. TV show is HBO work. They make exceptional stuff without the ip anyways. PlayStation involvement there doesn't do anything for games except maybe delaying them.
  4. Those games are not on PS so automatically a snooze fest
  5. Remember TV..TV..TV from xbox one launch. This is a bullet xbox dodged long time ago, thankfully.
  6. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Lol. Also this size games are getting released by xbox regularly.
  7. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    4th rank in steam weekly top seller globally.
  8. Moneyhatting permanent 3rd party exclusives are bad. Developers don't get sales, they are unable to expand their market, a lot of potential players don't get to play it. Timed 3rd party exclusives are fine. Developers get paid for timed exclusivity, platform holder gets an exclusive, all players get to play it eventually.
  9. It's modern and is pretty good apparently. You cannot say Doom (2016) is same thing as Doom games released in 90s. It is selling good on steam and has high (98%) user rating. So they definitely onto something.
  10. LMAO, just reading outrage online to form opinions. Just recently played a ton of creations in forge, there is so much good stuff. It didn't hit same level of players as Fortnite or Apex legends. But it could definitely have done that. It's good enough for that. MS just pulled some BS move here. These are timed exclusives. Will release on all systems soon enough.
  11. You sure about that? Halo Infinite had 20 million players on launch. And Halo fanbase is quiet resilient to whatever MS pulls off as well. Though am finding it funny people are quoting PS3 era online titles from Sony to have some kind of success. I was on PS3 back then cause I wasn't interested in online games. Did try Uncharted 2/3 online back then. Their map design was quiet amateurish. Killzone 2 was good though. But was dead as can be within a few months. Not even a single match going on in lobby browser. Good thing they didn't. It hurts sales for game and does not improve experience for anyone.
  12. 10 live service titles https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/30/playstations-10-live-service-games-what-are-they-wholl-make-them-17480789/ "Following its acquisition of Bungie, Sony announced that it has plans to release 10 live services games for the PlayStation 5 by March 2026." This along with VR, TV shows. On top they are mostly purchasing no name start up studios for increasing manpower. No idea how they will spare time to make single player titles.
  13. Yeah, people are seemingly enjoying it. It has a niche fan following, those who like rhythm based games. I will check out myself a bit later. Though I don't get rhythm games. Let's see.
  14. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    The hell? This looks amazing. What they showed in Developer Direct, that slide show type gameplay. I thought it was due to it being rhythm based. I am not too good at rhythm based games, hopefully will be able to enjoy it
  15. Hi-Fi Rush Steam reviews are glowing as it races up the sales chart "That's over 300 user reviews so far, with a 'Very Positive' average for Hi-Fi Rush. ." Additionally, Tango's new project seems to be selling very well on Steam. At the time of writing, Hi-Fi Rush sits at the seventh position on Steam's Top Seller chart, only behind mega-hits like FIFA 23, Red Dead Redemption 2, Dead Space, and Hogwarts Legacy, to name a few. https://www.gamesradar.com/hi-fi-rush-steam-reviews-are-glowing-as-it-races-up-the-sales-chart/
  16. Can't agree or disagree with it cause I didn't do combat playthrough. I must say though clockwork soldiers gave me best emergent gameplay I had in recent times. You can break their camera sensors so they follow only sound. Or hack them. You can use it in so many ways to finish off your enemies.
  17. This is how you miss out on good games, if you listen too much to metacritic.
  18. Back 4 Blood is really good now. Magic of it being GAAS title. Really enjoyed it. Our group dreaded when it ended.
  19. Huh, don't know man. I never focus on this stuff. Its present day politics/ideology maybe in US/UK. I have no idea what that's about. I read absolutely each and every document/ letter / audio log I could find in the game. Found the writing to be very engaging, fleshed out characters and game world really well On top, Luca Abele portrayal was very well done. Really enjoyed environmental story telling in his mansion.
  20. I liked it about as much as part 1. Part 1 had that shocking twist that part 2 did not had. I honestly don't care for "twist" based storytelling any more. It's just a lazy way of portraying your story to be something special, no other form of media uses it. Just give me good characters and environmental storytelling, which was pretty good in Dishonoured 2.
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