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  1. So it's coming in 2024? I will still be playing 2023 games for entirety of 2024, so likely won't play it. Unless they make it way more interesting.
  2. I am enjoying character building, planet scanning, upgrading my space ship. Haven't started outpost building, will get to that after my character has specialised in some weapons and stealth. Haven't even touched main quest or faction quests. Been only to a couple of major cities. Best part of the game is undoubtedly visiting new planets, enjoying some galactic views. I am guessing you don't play Bethesda games, nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different preferences. Also, Cyberpunk failed at basic stuff. I played it at launch.
  3. Starfield is far more unique. You will never get a game like this. It's like nothing out there, exploring a galaxy, with story and quest hook that give you a direction. Tons of crafting options to keep playing. Starfield 2 is some 15-20 years away. No other big developer have the balls to make something like this. I am deep into the game, no interest in playing anything else for a while. Also, lol at comparing it with launch Cyberpunk.
  4. Where did I say you should follow fanboy sites? Nobody in their right mind will follow them. Play the game and draw your own conclusions. Otherwise, feel free to keep putting 10/10 masterpieces in your backlog. This game is not going in the backlog. I can't stop playing it.
  5. Best to form your own opinion. Else you are pretty much a sheep.
  6. Starfield reviews invalidate a lot of GOTY awards distributed by professional media. I don't think I can trust them anymore. Especially with reception they are giving to Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty. A new narrative is being spun that Cyberpunk would have been GOTY if it had released this year. Totally shameless.
  7. Vaibhavp


    Those stats are insane. I am slowly getting into ship modification. Need something like this for higher level battles.
  8. It's fixed for some time now. They have added few extra things in this update. Can play no problem.
  9. You will have to pay $18 a month anyways to play COD online. Might as well get it included in service?
  10. After exploring lots of planets, variety of vistas, taking in beautiful scenery and music.... I was kinda offended by Spiderman 2 reveal and how limited it felt
  11. Starfield is a story focused game that lets you travel to a 1000 planets. You can change biome with press of couple of buttons. Very cool, way ahead of competition. Should have been celebrated title by media, unfortunately bias and some corporate agenda means that didn't happen. Immaterial, game is up there with best games I have played including Elden Ring and Skyrim. I can list out amount of systems game has to offer. How you can engage with it and keep playing for very long time. Nothing compares to it.
  12. What has power to do with quality of games? For all of PS5s power, Sony is busy copying Ubisoft for it's biggest game this year in Spiderman 2. Low powered systems are getting innovative, fresh games like TOTK on Switch, and of course...... Starfield on Series S. Don't think this is how it's going to play out. Nintendo die hards are no more than 15-20 million. Same amount as sales of WiiU. If all 120 million Switch buyers were die hard Nintendo fanboys, they would never have a failure in consoles. All other sales come from casual users. They tend to follow Fifa, GTA, COD etc. Which will definitely move to streaming services.
  13. I see you are going on about Nintendo IPs. Their value is not disputed. Point is, once streaming takes off, will Nintendo make its own mobile style device? And will Pokemon be enough to sell 100 million units + of that device? I doubt it. Nintendo higher management will itself take easy way out and put everything on Apple/Google devices, when billions of them are already out there. That's the point when these companies will strike. Switch 2 itself will be a huge test. Bet Nintendo management must be sh*tting their pants. If they mess this up, it's going to be a big deal.
  14. Vaibhavp


    I randomly decided to land on one of the Saturn moons to catch glimpse of Saturn rings. Turns out there is an interesting settlement New Homestead. A simple fetch quest from there took me to Neon and then Paradiso planets. Never been there before. What the hell is going on with this game? Those places are absolutely loaded with things to do.
  15. Nintendo IPS are valuable. That's why everyone is circling around it, waiting for a f**k up. IPS alone mean jack sh*t when your device has limited reach compared to something like a smart phone. Once they become your method of distribution, won't take long for Nintendo to break down.
  16. No idea what world people live in if they think PlayStation/ Nintendo are invincible. Look at camera industry. Went from 120 million unit sales to half a million unit sales per year in 5-6 years. Absolutely dogshit situation industry it is in. All the trillion dollar companies are waiting for cloud gaming to take off so Nintendo will be powerless, 3rd party developer. Make the move after that. I will never stream any game cause I want consoles to survive and be most enjoyable way to play games.
  17. Looking good. Might finally play Cyberpunk. Am seeing some cool build videos so likely will be a step up over Witcher 3 in that regards.
  18. "Professional media" is supposed to lay down the facts. Right now they are running a smear campaign. Have not seen even a single review that does the game justice. So they will be called out for it. If you have anything that incriminates Bethesda, feel free to put it up. Besides, if you have a problem with Bethesda, why are you being disingenuous to your readers? "A" class bullshit.
  19. Dude digging up 15 years old stuff Meanwhile paying Sony inflated prices to play online since last 2-3 weeks. In return for Saints Row.
  20. And just like that we have someone defending BS from milti billion companies Nintendo has a hell lot to learn from them. I know people don't want to hear it. But they do.
  21. Xbox is not averse to debacles. Look at Halo Infinite. Such small things they needed to do to make it a breakout hit, yet their was a debacle. It's their thing. I play the games on gamepass and it's always funny to see narrative online about their games. Top 10 games sold has one Nintendo game. But I agree, their games sell well. Doesn't make what they do right. I don't care. If they don't improve in these aspects, I might skip the system. I want a no holds barred access to older games, ability to buy whatever I want. And good prices of course. There is a workaround to this but I don't wanna go that route.
  22. You can't be serious with this. On this forum itself i have seen nobody pays full price for Switch games. It's either buy and sell or co buy. I don't want to do that. I want a long term digital library that I can play whenever I want.
  23. In a little over 2 weeks. Impressive. Having played enough of the game, it does so much new stuff, I wish there wasn't a review debacle going on with the game. Even with all their might, "professional media" couldn't get the metascore below 80. That's a testament to the type of game Todd Howard and his team makes. It should've been celebrated, instead we have journalists spreading bullshit about the game.
  24. Vaibhavp

    Lies of P

    Talking about a very subtle sound effect. It's iconic cause in From Soft games it's very satisfying when you get souls. So I remember that distinctly.
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