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  1. I would say any Visa Infinite card, that would give inr 300 or 500 worth of 2nd ticket free. If you are looking for cards then there are RBL Popcorn (2 tickets free per month, if spent 5k in last month), IDFC Wealth (inr 500 off on 2nd ticket) or just go in BMS Credit Card offers and you will find all credit card related offers.
  2. Thanks mate! https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab 699x1.18=826 I should get this, right?
  3. If something like this comes along, tag me guys On same note, optimum way to play Forza 5 when it launches?
  4. Absolutely. 112k for these is lowest I've ever seen. Bird, if you are considering M1, look for 16gb option if you use many tabs, apps or anything RAM heavy. M1 macs are notorious for using ssd for dumping RAM. Earlier there was issue of macs writing so much that SSDs started giving out in months. My device has used 4TB write every month while Surface Laptop 3 used this much write in a year. 1. Apple Discussion Thread on Issue
  5. That you have to figure out. If you check any bank marketing material, I would say majority of times it would not apply exactly on you. Different points have different value. IIRC SBI points have value of .25, same with IDFC, RBL is .18, YES is also less than .20 INR. Axis has EDGE rewards which have different redemption value than flat cashback of Axis Flipkart or Axis Ace card (where 1pt=1 INR)
  6. If you have better rewarding cards like Indus Pinnacle (2.5% Online), BoB Eterna (3% Online) then this is worthless for anything except wallet load (gives 1% but paytm takes 2%) and amazon spends for 5%. Also, usually this card is excluded from ICICI 10% offers. Even on amazon when ICICI is running sale, you will get 5% discount and 5% cashback. Source: Have this and other cards, don't use it much but as LTF good to have nevertheless. Edit: Axis ACE has 2% cashback and Axis Flipkart has 1.5% regular cashback.
  7. Aercy, it is well documented now that Millenia and by extent HDFC is supremely bad at crediting fair reward points. Now i don't use Millenia Credit Card but I do have Millenia Debit Card which has same rewards as Millenia CC (IIRC), and out of 1200 reward points I was supposed to get, I have been only credited 20. I have been busy for a while but do intend to talk to customer care about this. Also, Millenia CC had quite useless computations for rewards. Sums up the card very well.
  8. Those having used any quality wireless headphones can chime in this- I view wireless headphones/earphones as consumable commodity. The reason for this is- 1. They are not repair-able. 2. They lose battery capacity and that simply makes them useless. 3. There is no way to find the battery capacity (speaking for apple airpods), so pricing them is gamble. Why do 2 year used Airpods still command 5k pricepoint while they should absolutely be worth near 0? Personal Anecdote: Got apple airpods 3 years back for 9k(flipkart,bbd,axis discount). They stopped holding charge for more than 15 mins in nearly 18 months. Just 1 month before this event, they were giving around 1.8-2hrs. Very hard to gauge battery capacity.
  9. @Aercyhow do you use axis select? what benefits you specifically use that make it primary? You can replace SBI SimplySave with SimplyClick, 1.25% cashback in form of amazon voucher for online spends (excluding wallet) and 2.5% on amazon. Will allow you to use SBI Bank offers too. If income is greater than 24lpa, then I would advise Diners Club Black- 3.3% value in form of vouchers, 16% on gift vouchers of amazon, flipkart using hdfc smartbuy.
  10. around 3-5% cashback on fuel spends. apart from that some may carry 1-2 lounge access.
  11. lol, seems like it. great ltf card tho they exclude from icici discounts
  12. Keeping hysteria zero, In good pricing, there should be nil to low gains. This was greatly priced ig
  13. @rushaboswal if debit card is applicable, I can help.
  14. What is good way to contact flipkart customer support? With amazon i can live chat/ call. With flipkart I start chat and they call. Response time is also like 3 days.
  15. There is Mx Vertical too, said to be better for hand. There can't be that much possible improvement here. Like apart from logitech what options are there for big comfortable mouse? I like G502. But apart from that have only used SteelSeries Rival 600. G502 has better grip as i like to keep whole palm on mouse.
  16. 1. Just use F1 and dim brightness to zero, so that should shut down display 2. There are apps like amphetamine, that prevent the pc from sleeping.
  17. Basically lot x (no of times subscribed+2 for safety) BTW HNI subscription should stop once clock hits 3, as ASBA stops working. Any views on this? Thinking to observe subscription tomorrow.
  18. Yes. This case exists in HNI. Many times they follow proportional basis. For retail, what Kunjan said. Based on your comment about funds, retail it is.
  19. This is regular problem with Amazon ICICI. Terms are dictated by ICICI. Axis allows flipkart axis card as far as i have seen. get ICICI Platinum in case you want to use ICICI bank offers. ICICI shares limit with cards.
  20. How many accs do you guys usually use to apply for ipos? @KnackChap @Bird Bird Bird @KunjanPSD @rushaboswal @SuperT @Root Read somewhere here or on reddit that one applied using 8 PANs..
  21. So, who received glenmark ipo? Check here: https://ris.kfintech.com/ipostatus/ipos.aspx PS Not me
  22. Yes. Or you can setup a mandate.
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