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  1. 11 minutes ago, achilles said:

    Neither. Rest and heal. Relax. Catch a movie or two, or that show. Read. Can get high, but no alcohol. 


    I'd say avoid, NSAIDs can interfere with necessary inflammation, though if unbearable then you have no choice. At times like these, I always like to remember "endure master Wayne.." :D


    Overuse (quite unlikely though possible), underuse, slack, twitch, under-recovery, distraction etc. These things happen. 

    Taken one painkiller at night before sleeping, won't take more.

    Whole night woke up every hour due to pain and had to keep changing position.


    Morning has been better though, can move now, roll and change positions, lift leg, and walk and sit now.

    (can't bend at all though without pain).

    Still positive I guess.



    Lack of rest makes sense, should have skipped workouts but thought getting tired would help me sleep at night.

    Had been having trouble sleeping from the past 10 days : 0 hours twice, 3 hours thrice, and 4-6 hours on the the other 5 nights.

  2. 2 hours ago, achilles said:

    1. Rest. Lumbar spasms usually progressively feel worse for 1-2 days before the pain starts reducing. 
    2. Move only when necessary

    3. As the pain starts to reduce, ie by the end of second day, start regular movements. No stretching/exercises. Do not try to accelerate healing unless demand is unavoidable. Wear a brace/lumbar belt tightly to get about. 
    4. If the pain does not start to subside at all by the third day, seek a good doctor/physio

    5. Rehab appropriately, gingerly and progressively get back to normal life. 
    6. Once that’s comfortable, and without thought, slowly get back to training. 

    Lumbar spasms are a bitch, they cripple the entire core. They let you know immediately how important the core is to the body.

    Thanks, won't repeat last times' mistakes.

    Ice or heat?

    Ice first two days, right and then heat ?

    Also, getting very worse, difficult to get up or even move.

    I generally avoid but think would need a painkiller.


    Don't know how it happened out of nowhere, core work was being done regularly and was in good shape and not had any lower back discomfort in over a year.


    was doing chest today and at the end thought would finish with deadlift as had forgotten yesterday.

    Overuse injury I guess ?

  3. Oh no, pulled something on my low back while deadlifting and the weight wasn't even heavy, just that it was not heavy so i didn't do them slow.


    Its bad though, increased a lot in 2 hours, can't even move a cm of low back without intense pain, very much like something I had 2-3 years ago which took a year to fully heal.


    How to go forward ? A day or two of rest and start stretching and low back/core exercises ?

  4. 59 minutes ago, rushaboswal said:




    I no longer use it condition is ok ok and no rubber strap (The thing that holds the band after the tuck in) youll have to use rubber band or something. Else all good.

    To enter just state your favourite game and you enter. Will declare winner on sunday.

    Great giveaway, these are for tracking running etc, right ?


    Been keeping mobile in hand to track which is stupid.


    Favorite game : Dark souls.

  5. 21 hours ago, Gunner-Y2J said:

    I'm still not able to log in from old account, went to google authentication with opera browser though and it was failing inspite of entering correct one,

    Will try again tomorrow.

    But was able to create new one.

    Does ivg have separate unique key and bar code for Google authentication ?

    I got the authentication code and key for the email id

    and when entering the same for logging in for ivg, it is saying incorrect code.

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