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  1. PlayStation's TGS2019 LIVE NOW show will be shown on this link. Time: 12th September 2019, 6:30 AM IST.
  2. Hopefully Google catches up to Apple in terms of the things Apple is doing for video on the iPhones. They were already great and some of the video features they showed in this keynote were really awesome too. 👍🏼 Good pricing for the iPhone 11 (basically an iPhone XR2). 👍🏼 Pretty sure Google will still have the best camera for photos, though. The Night Mode photo Apple showed during the keynote was a joke. 🤦🏽‍♂️ The camera set-up looks absolutely hideous, though. Not sure how Tim Cook approved this. Going by the leaked Pixel 4 promotional video, even that will have a similar camera set-up, but without the huge cut-outs for the camera lenses. Or at least, I hope that's how it'll be.
  3. That makes sense because it's A, B, X, Y. All letters from the English alphabet. So, calling it the letter X makes sense. But, on PlayStation, it's shapes. Hence, Triangle, Circle, 'Cross', Square. Logically, if it's the letter 'X', then it should be the letter 'O' and not Circle. So, they're right in their justification. I'm just frustrated that I never thought about it so deep until now. And I hate it that they're right. 😐
  4. The 'X' on the PS Controller is officially called 'Cross.' I refuse to agree that I've been calling it wrong my whole life. It just can't be... 😞😞😞
  5. Another record now held by EA. Legendary company.
  6. ^^ The theme is for PS3 and it's Plus Exclusive. 😞
  7. 🤩🤩🤩 😁😁😁 😎😎😎
  8. VelivolusDas

    Gears 5

  9. I think the makers of Joker had mentioned that there won't be any similarities/links to any of the already existing material (comics, especially) for the origin story. This is simply the writer's and Todd Phillips' interpretation of what Joker's origin could be. Comparisons to Ledger's performance, though, is inevitable, for most of the people who have seen TDK.
  10. We are still a WIP. 😞😞😞 The team needs more work.
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