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  1. Apart from the facial expressions, it looks really good. And intriguing, too. This is coming from a guy who hasn't played the first 2 games yet.
  2. Day 1, for sure. Love the character models and the overall aesthetic. So glad they didn't go the "realistic CGI" **cough** (Lion King) **cough** route.
  3. I saw Zodiac on Netflix. Liked it. The second half is a bit boring, but a good in-depth depiction of The Zodiac Killer.
  4. Some of the changes explained (or just some senior-level talk IMO). Good read nonetheless. Goes to show how difficult a process it is to streamline 'regional' differences. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-11-07-sonys-jim-ryan-we-had-to-make-changes-to-deliver-our-ps5-dream
  5. Ah, the joys of PC gaming.
  6. Yeah, those rumours are doing the rounds for the last few days, I think and No. No. No. Jose to any club is a short-term fix. We win a few trophies maybe, play uninspiring football, Mourinho Season 3 gets activated, players get toxic in the locker room and he leaves in a hurry/or is asked to leave. I understand that it's not much better right now with Emery, but we need to give him some time rather than go for Mourinho. Don't want us to sign a deal with the devil.
  7. What? Why? I saw it as a kid, too. So, what's the problem if kids these days watch T2.
  8. Kojima decided to have Hermen Hulst from GG in the game. Good touch, if you read the line that's being spoken in the screenshot below.
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