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  1. Yeah. This was highly criticised during the launch. However, with GoT, it's improved. I can't verify since I never had GoT on PS4. ------- On a different note...
  2. That helps. Thanks! Just hoping for a similar confirmation from PD or Sony (or anyone else as the launch approaches). Faith in humanity, restored.
  3. It's a proper PS5 port. Buying the game entitles you to both versions (PS4 + PS5). That maybe the reason why it says PS4 Pro Enhanced (since it's picking up the PS4 listing by default).
  4. Okay. That makes things easy. But are we sure about that? I mean, I'm going by this response (but if I now read the second bold part, I think he mentions it's only related to the save, like you guys mentioned): Kazunori Yamauchi: The online connection is required for the campaign mode. The only part of the game that doesn't require an online connection is the arcade mode, because that has no effect on the save data, so that's possible. But anything that has to do with the save data requires a connection. For example things like the livery data as well - that's something that is downloaded from the online server.
  5. Oh yes. Of course. However, if at all I would've clicked the FIFA 21 icon on the home screen to play the game (during the copying process), then it would ask me to wait until the process is complete. Hmmm. This makes sense. Follow-up question, out of pure curiosity: But then, how is it that on the PC (I have limited experience of PC gaming and what I'm saying is based on my experience from a few years ago), it generally didn't take this long? I believe it would totally depend on a game-to-game basis. And what about Xbox consoles (especially the newer ones, I have never had an Xbox so dunno): Do they also take long to copy the updates?
  6. This is what I was talking about: No audio. No time-lapse is intentional.
  7. Just read through the interview. Informative. And yeah, I'm gonna pass on this. Simply cannot come to terms with the reasoning given for the always-online requirement in the friggin' campaign mode. Call me old-school, but I like playing my games with the peace of mind that even if my internet connection (or the games servers themselves) botch up, I'd still want to enjoy my game and not be presented with an idiotic "You've been disconnected" message. A hard pass. Oh well... I guess, I was foolish enough to expect a simple offline campaign that can be played as per my convenience. Too much to ask, I guess. I know I'm speaking out of spite and in the heat of the moment, but I kinda feel sad about buying the PS5 now. This was one game I was looking forward to, and it's gone down the drain. And yeah, I hope people don't lecture me on how other games do it and I don't raise my voice then. I speak about things that matter to me. Simple. Hope that's easy to understand and a fair ask.
  8. Yeah. The copying of the updates is a pain. I mean, there are times when it takes a longer time than it does to download the file. Very irritating. What is it copying? And to where? And why in the world does copying take so long?
  9. Tried the 3D Audio for a couple of hours yesterday. The setup was ace! It certainly enhances the audio output compared to the default output of the CX. But, I have mixed opinions about it. Tried Ghost Of Tsushima and the sound of the wind and the ambience is certainly elevated and feels more 'lively.' But, whenever there are dialogues, it sounds like the people are speaking in a box since there is a lot of echo. Need to play around with it a little more and maybe tweak the TV audio settings a bit. Let's see. BTW, FIFA just refused to acknowledge the 3D Audio and the in-game music was simply choppy as if it was struggling to find the right volume and going back and forth. That was so pathetic to hear that I didn't even start a match.
  10. UPDATES: - The phone arrived in absolutely proper condition (phew!). Only drawback is that it had the US-pin charger (since it's the international variant, obviously). It's not so much of an issue for me since I have Indian-pin Pixel chargers all over the house now. But yeah, if someone hasn't moved to Type-C, then they would have to shell out a bit more and get the charger. Vodafone India SIM works absolutely fine (another phew!), too. Wife is pleased. Also, Ultrawide Pixel camera. - The earbuds have passed the Rickshaw test for listening to music. Not so much for speaking while in a moving rickshaw in traffic.
  11. With the Pixel 5a nowhere in sight for India, I ordered the Pixel 4a 5G for my wife for ₹40k. I know, there are other cheaper, better alternatives, but my wife wanted a Pixel only. She was using my old P2XL and was due an upgrade and was kinda adamant that she won't use any other phone apart from a Pixel (I'm so glad I married her, though ). She didn't want the basic 4a since I have it too and she doesn't like the idea of both of us using the exact same phone. So, after checking reviews of the seller and some India-specific customer reviews, I decided to go ahead with it and pulled the trigger. I know it's a bit of a risk since the phone never launched here officially. I feel I have done my due-diligence before ordering, but yeah, the risk is there. Will be delivered on Wednesday. Let's see how it turns out. In other news, ordered the Pixel Buds A-Series last night (this is for me) and it was delivered today. I'm nowhere close to an audiophile so the sound quality is plenty-good for me. The call quality (for both parties) is really, really good. I wasn't expecting it to be this good. My wife was pleasantly surprised with how good it sounded on the other end. Need to spend some more time with it to see how well the music sounds. And, the ultimate test (for me) is pending too which can only be done tomorrow while I travel to work in a rickshaw in Mumbai traffic. If it passes that test, the buds are a win for me.
  12. Hope they have some really good explanation for this. This is one of the reasons why I didn't get GT Sport. But I understood it in that game considering the lack of a proper offline mode and the 'Sport' aspect of it. I don't see a reason why I cannot play a primarily offline mode on a game I own without an internet connection. Kinda absurd (only because there is no clarity yet), if you ask me.
  13. Apparently, the standalone GTA: Online will be free for 3 months.
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