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  1. VelivolusDas

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Maybe a bit late, but saw Pokèmon: Detective Pikachu on Friday. Thoroughly loved it, especially as someone who is somewhat of a Pokèmon fan, I loved how accurately they captured some of the details of certain Pokèmon. I can totally imagine this being a huge franchise in future, if they choose to have Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza arc, Ho-Oh, Lugia, or other legendary Pokèmon, etc. as long as they stay true to the source material, in terms of how the Pokèmon behave. I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking, but I really enjoyed the experience of the movie and can't wait to see more in future.
  2. VelivolusDas

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    So, when can I play Cuphead and Ori and The Blind Forest on my Sony console? Don't care if it's on the PS4 or on the PS Vita. 🤔🤔🤔
  3. VelivolusDas

    Wrestling fans

    I had gotten something like this before Survivor Series. Haven't gotten anything now. 🙁
  4. VelivolusDas

    Movie Discussion Thread

    One of the best Batman graphic novels is now getting made as a DC Animated Movie. Can't wait.
  5. VelivolusDas

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Regular OP7 looks exactly like the 6T, IMO. However, it has the same camera as the OP7Pro. Pricing: 6GB + 128GB - ₹32,999 8GB + 256GB - ₹37,999 Excellent pricing, however it seems a little unfair for the ones who bought the 6T recently. If I'm not mistaken, they paid a slightly higher price.
  6. VelivolusDas

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Decent'ish pricing. I'm only a little sceptical about the pop-up selfie camera. But, I guess, considering the Vivo one has been out for a while and there are no major concerns so far, I have a feeling it will be fine. That 90Hz screen should be 🤤🤤🤤. Of all things announced, that's the best feature for me. Waiting for some friend of mine to get it so that I can get my hands on the OP7Pro and play around with it. 😁 Other things are mostly novelty features (12GB RAM, UFS 3.0 storage, etc.), but considering the price, it really makes one question Samsung and Apple's pricing (not just India, even abroad). I'm not even gonna include Google in that list because they are high on some out-of-the-world stuff altogether. Wish the camera could've been a little better, though. If the next Pixel is disappointing, I might just go for the OP7Pro (or the 'T' version of this phone, if they will have one at that time).
  7. VelivolusDas

    A Plague Tale: Innocence

  8. VelivolusDas

    Wrestling fans

    Becky and Rollins are a thing together now.
  9. VelivolusDas

    Wrestling fans

    No build-up. Nothing. Match could be total bomba. Only nostalgia-factor and the 'superstar' factor is what's going for it. Oh well...
  10. VelivolusDas

    The "It's free!" thread

    Nothing on the IN/EU store. 🙁 Hopefully it gets updated in a few days.
  11. VelivolusDas

    RAGE 2

  12. VelivolusDas

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Update: Turns out it was an Android Q Beta issue. Rolled back to Android Pie and everything is fine now. 🙂
  13. VelivolusDas

    The Football Thread

    Pretty decent'ish first season for Unai Emery at Arsenal. Yes, would've loved a top-4 place to get to the Champion's League next season, but I guess, the players just didn't have it in them. Massive props to him for getting us to an European Cup Final. Something AW was only able to do once (maybe twice, I forget) in his entire tenure. Things have to change (players as well as certain strategies especially in our Away games) and I hope they do in the coming season. It's very evident, that despite being a good team, we just aren't a top-flight team in terms of the way we impose ourselves on the pitch. I'd love to see Arsenal as a big team in Europe that other big teams will be slightly concerned to play against. I'm quite positive that Unai Emery is on his way to achieving that, just that it will still take 2-3 seasons to get there, I think. To be a force to be reckoned with. Until then, I'll have to be happy with a Top-4 spot. Maybe an FA Cup along the way.