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  1. @dante77: Just saw your screenshot. That's weird. Try checking on your console maybe (although, I'm not very hopeful that it'll be any different). Only option is to tweet about it to Sony, Supermassive and a few other media outlets including the screenshots.
  2. Don't see the option to just add the DLC to the library as part of the catalog. I can see 2 SKUs: SM and SM: GOTY. Here's the difference between the two: @dante77: Try adding the base game to the library. I did that and now I get the option to add the GOTY version to the library, too. I did that and this is what it shows: Notice the 'Purchased' label that shows up. I guess, there might be an option in-game to get the DLC, since there is no option to add the DLC to your library from the store. That option might be there in the in-game store, maybe. Try that, I guess. About Until Dawn, I already owned it in the past (and it is also a part of the PS+ Collection), so I'm guessing that's why I'm not able to see the PS+ catalog version at all. All I see is this: The 'In Library' version is the one that I can download and play. Again, like earlier, on the game page, see if you get the menu to select the version (just above the 'Not available for purchase' message).
  3. @dante77: Hope these help... So, I tried searching for the games you mentioned and took some screenshots. As you can see, Man of Medan and Terraria have 3 radio buttons. The 'confusion' happening here is the 'Trial'. So, anyone can try the game even without a PS+ subscription. So, you need to select the appropriate PS+ radio button and you will be able to download the full game. For Spider-Man, it's a slightly different issue. As you can see, even I'm getting the 'Not eligible for purchase' message. But, there's a menu there just above that message. Once I click that, I get 2 SKUs. Again, once you select the PS+ SKU (I've selected that in the second screenshot), you will see the option to download the game (or purchase it for ₹2499).
  4. Does this mean 3D Audio won't work on these headphones if used with a PS5? I feel it still would. Considering the PS5 does it at the console-level and it's not dependent on the headphones.
  5. Agreed, but I was talking about the Inzone brand name. ----- BTW, Sony decided to unveil it via some YouTubers, like they did with the PS5 (remember the Japanese YTers video). ------------- Completely different division working on these. The audio (headphones) and display (monitors) departments. Not related to PlayStation or SIE directly at all.
  6. Official: The brand will leverage Sony’s high quality display and audio technologies, said Sony home entertainment president Kazuo Kii. ---------- Weird name, if you ask me.
  7. Saw Hustlers. Good movie, overall, but unnecessarily long.
  8. I had this problem a few of months ago when the whole RBI-mandate thing happened. I was under the impression that YT had not updated their systems and my entire family ended up buying individual subscriptions for those few months. Then, 2 months ago (IIRC), magically, the option was available again. So, I subscribed to the Family Plan and haven't dared to go to that section again.
  9. Syphon Filter Gameplay. Man, the controls haven't aged well, at all... I was struggling. This needs the Remake treatment ASAP!
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