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  1. Digital Edition Faceplates are available on Amazon. Thanks to @Jigsawfor the tip!
  2. This is shaping up to be something promising...
  3. Played a bit of The Ezio Collection for old times' sake and man, oh man, the feels in this scene. Jesper Kyd. -------------------- Also, the first 45 minutes of Stray.
  4. VelivolusDas


    This came up on my TL. Pretty good tips.
  5. Who knows. Maybe he needs to watch those videos for... I don't know... Medical research purposes. I'm just guessing, BTW! I may be wrong.
  6. True. And that is my biggest gripe with how Google has approached the 6a. There's just not enough to warrant an upgrade from the 4a. Also, the lesser said about the official Indian pricing, the better.
  7. Is it weird that I feel like buying this for just one of the old games.
  8. That video was cringey in a way that they were trying soooo hard to subtly justify the price-tag. Again, just a graphics and fidelity bump, IMO. Staying away from this until it shows up on PS+ (might try the 2-hour trial if the game gets one). This is fantastic for first-time players, though. Lovely way to get introduced to the franchise.
  9. If I had the Flipkart Axis CC, I might have gone for it as well, I think. Getting the ₹16,250 discount for 4a, too which I think is a very good price for an almost 2-year-old phone, considering it was bought at ₹30k. But the general reviews aren't too positive for the phone. I'm seriously considering getting the 6. Here's why: - 90Hz vs 60Hz (this a major thing for me) - Newer camera hardware vs Old (I know the photos will still look good, but in my head, if it looks the same as my current phone, then what's the point) - Gorilla Glass Victus vs Gorilla Glass 3 - Wireless Charging on the 6 - 8GB RAM vs 6GB (minor point, I guess, but might be helpful in the long run) - Fingerprint sensor seems to be equally slow on both. After the updates that the 6 has received, I'd say the speed is the same on both (from comparison videos). For the same price as the 6a (₹44k), I think the 6 is a better value. But yeah, for that price, @Bird Bird Bird, I think it's a no-contest.
  10. I have a DE, too and what @b!T said here is my primary reason for preferring the Digital Edition vs the Physical Edition of the console.
  11. VelivolusDas


    Just reached The Sewers level. The aesthetic is fantastic. The devs have been able to capture the sense of awe and wonder perfectly! The detail in the world helps add to the tension, too.
  12. Right. They are out of stock on Apple's website. A friend of mine ordered the M1 Air last week I think and got an expected delivery date of a few weeks later. The funny thing is, he got the Airpods as a freebie and those have been delivered already. But he doesn't have any other iDevice to take full advantage of the Airpods.
  13. My M1 MacBook Air was ordered from Flipkart, too. Back in January 2022. No hassles whatsoever and an amazing experience overall. Seller was SuperComNet which, I believe, is to Flipkart what Cloudtail or Appario are to Amazon. Also, it was a F-Assured delivery. That's just something I look out for when ordering from Flipkart. Like how I order only Prime-delivery products on Amazon. But yeah, TREASURE HAUL ONLINE with a 3.7 rating doesn't instill confidence. Good decision to cancel the order, IMO. Also @Nemo: I'm just curious, why not order from Apple's website directly? Utmost peace of mind, IMO.
  14. Name: Polash Das PSN ID: VelivolusDas Team: Wolves
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    Available now guys... Go, go, go.
  16. Reveal Trailer will be up at 9:30 PM IST on 20th July 2022.
  17. VelivolusDas


    So yeah, the game didn't unlock at midnight IST. I'm pretty sure now it'll unlock (be available for purchase/download) in about ~20 minutes at 5:30 AM.
  18. VelivolusDas


    Same thing happened for TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, too. There are some games that you cannot pre-order/pre-load at all. The purchase option for TMNT was available only on the day of release. IIRC, it was at 4:30 AM or 5:30 AM IST. Basically, midnight GMT. But for some big games (especially when there's pre-order and pre-load available) the games unlock at midnight IST.
  19. Man, even the outer box looks suh-weet!
  20. If there's no VRR support at launch, that's pathetic. I might just skip buying it until a VRR mode is announced. Literally no point paying full-price and playing an inferior version of the game. I was mad when H:FW got the VRR patch. Felt like a fool for buying the game at launch. To be fair, the VRR update for the console came after H: FW launched. For GoW: R, there's no excuse like that. It simply should have VRR support from Day-1.
  21. Sadly, I don't have much experience with monitors (never had one), so I won't be able to help with suggestions. Sorry. Some of the other members will surely be able to guide you properly.
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