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  1. Same. This game is proper subscription material for peeps like me.
  2. It is chaotic, but it's fun, too. I guess, the developers were going for that!
  3. Nope. That's the sad part. But PS4 and PS5 players can play together, of course. Because, there's no native PS5 version. It's essentially a PS4 game that you can play on the PS5.
  4. The second game will be called Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. Coming next winter. PS5 only, as of now.
  5. Link for the stream: ~20 minutes to go!
  6. Played for about an hour of the Story mode. Man, the game is sooo much fun! The devs have found a very good balance of difficulty in the gameplay. Love the fact that if there are more players, there are more enemies, too. It's somewhat easy to find players online. I say 'somewhat', because the game just refused to load the characters on a couple of occasions while playing online. Had to leave that party and join another party. Not sure if it's my connection or something else. And yeah, the game screams co-op right from the get-go. My suggestion to anyone considering buying it on PS (since it's not on the new PS+ yet and no one knows when it will show up on it) is, get the game only if you know there are friends who you would be able to co-op with or you know for sure that you will be able to play it online with random folks. If you're planning to solo it, technically you can play it like that, but it's just not meant to be played like that! Everyone on Xbox (considering you are subscribed to Gamepass), it's a no-brainer. Drop everything else, gather your scam-gang and start playing it. It's a must-play! Man, I'm sooooo jealous this is on Gamepass.
  7. The game is still not up on the PS Store. There's only an option to 'Wishlist' the game. No option to pre-order. The store will probably get updated at 00:00 GMT i.e. 5:30 AM IST.
  8. I know it's your opinion and all, but...
  9. Episode 9 is up! in this one, I'll talk about some of the biggest announcements from the Summer Game Fest 2022 and Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022: • 3:28 - Street Fighter 6 • 5:27 - The 'golden-age' of horror-games • 6:17 - Resident Evil 4 Remake • 7:56 - The Callisto Protocol • 9:36 - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) • 11:43 - Fort Solis • 15:20 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge • 18:30 - Gotham Knights • 22:15 - The Last Of Us Part I Remake - My thoughts about this 'remake' • 32:18 - Cocoon • 34:00 - Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty • 34:44 - Persona coming back to Xbox • 36:38 - Hideo Kojima's next - A partnership between Kojima Productions and Xbox Games Studios for a game that will utilise cloud technology • 38:42 - Starfield Then, I'll share some thoughts about the importance of God Of War: Ragnarok's release date. Visit podcasts.plnxgames.com to listen to any of the previous episodes on any podcast platform of your choice. As always, any suggestions (technical/creative) are welcome!
  10. Decent show by MS overall. Nothing too massive. Obviously Holiday 2022 is a missed opportunity with no megaton release, IMO. They're trying to make up for it by adding quite a few games (new and old) to GP. BTW, Gamepass is killing it! It'll certainly be THE BEST VALUE in terms of game subscription services in 2023. Also, Kojima... I guess he fell for the "cloud powah" claims, 10 or so years late. Starfield looks crazy good. They really should've showcased the game slightly differently, IMO. The things they highlighted were showcased in the recent past by No Man's Sky, almost in the exact same way. I mean, the way NMS has evolved over the years is really great, I felt like Starfield was a rich man's NMS. Until they showed that story overview trailer. I'm sure Starfield will be really good, too! They should've capitalised on showcasing quests and other things that NMS doesn't do.
  11. Booked a booster dose slot for the missus and I, for tomorrow. Anybody had any major issues post-taking the booster dose? I mean, compared to the first or second doses? My wife and I had some mild fever both times.
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