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  1. Saw Weathering With You today. Liked it, overall. Not one of Shinkai's best works, but good enough nonetheless. Expecting more animes to release here. Just love the experience of watching it on a big screen.
  2. Going for Weathering With You tomorrow morning.
  3. That was good! The Japanese voice acting seems really well done. Might just be worth a playthrough, I guess.
  4. It was pretty good initially. Basically, all the online gaming I've done in my life has mostly been while on a Hathway connection (right from 2009). Barring the few times of downtime, I've never had any major issues with them. Having said that, I'm not someone who plays a lot of online games of late. It's mostly FIFA. But the other times when I have played other shooters (all the way from KZ3 and UC3, KZ: Mercenary on the Vita, all the way to Apex: Legends) it's been fine for me. If you are planning to play competitively, I'm sorry I don't have much knowledge in that context.
  5. Yeah. Quite a lot of reviewers have got their codes. Can't wait.
  6. Yes. Hathway provides a modem which can connect to your router. Not sure if Hathway provides any router of their own (even if they do, it'll be charged, I'm sure). Disclaimer: It's been a while that I've used Hathway personally. So, not sure how their service has been of late. Switched to Tata Sky Broadband for a while. And now I'm without an internet connection at my home (for over a year now). There is Hathway still being used at my Mom's (hence I know about the modem and the router).
  7. Yep. Just came to post this. Official statement by Google India: “Google has a wide range of products that we make available in different regions around the world. We determine availability based on a variety of factors, including local trends, and product features. We decided not to make Pixel 4 available in India. We remain committed to our current Pixel phones and look forward to bringing future Pixel devices to India.” So that's the reason why India wasn't mentioned as one of the supported countries for Motion Sense (in the leaked reports). Google decided to skip the Indian region due to poor sales, obviously. Hopefully, the Pixel 5 makes it here.
  8. Official. Not that anything was yet to be known. Overall, the phones look miles better than the atrocity (Pixel 3 XL, specifically) from last year. The black version has a glossy finish. The white and the orange have a matte finish. And the orange is apparently, a limited edition, of sorts. That top bezel is really off-putting, though. Terrible design choice. Messes with the symmetry of the phone. Maybe it's just me, but it's just not something I can overlook. Also, they did not mention anything about the regions it will be available in. Normally, the Pixels are available in India pretty soon. But, this time, due to the Motion Sense tech, which is kinda okay as a feature (I think), I don't think they've gotten the necessary approvals required to sell it in India. According to the leaked info a few months ago, India wasn't one of the countries listed, to be available at launch. But, no official word on it yet. Was expecting them to mention something atleast. Also, it seems, they've not even touched the video modes. Looks like it'll be another year of the Pixels as the must-have for photos and the iPhones for video. Pretty much most of the new camera features won't come to the previous phones because of the new neural chip it uses. Even the new recorder app (although it works on my P2XL) does not have the live transcribe feature. Apparently, that as well as the next generation Google Assistant, both use the neural chip. 😞 Oh well, the wait for the Pixel 5 leaks begin.
  9. Not sure where you got that from but Phillips has mentioned it time and again that Arthur Fleck will not have an encounter with The Batman, in future. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/joker-batman-joaquin-phoenix-robert-pattinson-1203329997/
  10. Wow! You really think everyone suffering from PTSD (especially after suffering trauma as a child) can only portray those things? I guess, it's only 'movies' you've seen about PTSD. You have some reading up to do, I guess. Spoiler-tagging the next part, just in case.
  11. Just got done with a second viewing of Joker. Normal version, this time. Found it kinda slow this time, but awesome nonetheless.
  12. Good show, overall. Really liked some of the segments. The Ladder Match was really good. Pathetic ending. Either the WWE Title will become a rare sight on SmackDown, or Lesnar will just show up every week, but won't defend the title. So silly, all over again. Also, Kofi losing like that is so sad. Diminishes the name he's made over the last several months.
  13. This. One of the best moments. Also, I love the way he 'descends' (like you mentioned) into becoming the Joker. Very gradual but substantial at the same time with each passing scene. This. This. This. So. Much. Then I remembered the amount I paid for the movie and sat on the chair quietly, with a frown.
  14. Loved it. As close as we can get, in terms of the mature-themed DC comics and animated movies to film. Brilliantly done! The direction, the acting (by everyone). Some of the scenes were surely goosebump-worthy. IMAX was amazing. Except for the idiotic 'Smoking kills 70 Lac people in a year' message at the bottom right corner. To add to the misery, the message popped-up if there was even some cigarette smoke (yes, the actual cigarette is not even visible in the frame at all) in the scene. There were some scenes at the start where some random people in the background were smoking and that message was there. Got so irritated at the start. And it wasn't a translucent text, like I've always seen in previous movies. It was a proper 'black-on-white' text.
  15. My man! Me too. In fact, I'm mostly gonna watch it twice. IMAX first and then the regular version (for friends who couldn't join me for the IMAX version). Also, it's mostly gonna be back-to-back. Soooooooooooo excited for it.
  16. Yeah. Apparently, the press got ~2 hours of playtime, according to Greg.
  17. I think Joel is still missing/dead. From when she says, "Where have you been?" (or the equivalent of that, don't remember exactly), and then Joel saying, "You think I'd let you do this on your own?", something just seems off. The backgrounds don't seem from the same area. Also, I think I noticed Ellie's eye-level while saying her line, looked like she was saying it to someone at her eye-level. Obviously, she hasn't grown that much that she's as tall as Joel, right?
  18. That was a superb trailer. Answered some questions, despite being mysterious at the same time. Also, the atmosphere is right up there. Naughty Dog.
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