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  1. just go and do a proper covid test at the lab or call one home, pls don't rely on these self test.
  2. Applied for rolex and glenmark, deepak nitrate, laurus, jkil, all doing good today. Jkil, looks good for long term, their order book is full for next 5 years, recently they got the contract for ahmedabad metro as well.
  3. Ao2 is much better than twt, ao2 has a good gameplay & online connectivity if played with friends. Also in ao2, there r good no of players, venue to download via community.
  4. Tomm results for Deepak nitrate also. Navin flourine almost 12% down post results. Exited Dr reddy, cadila, info edge, will re-enter info edge after results.
  5. Guys what suggestion for drl, hold or exit.
  6. 6% up today as well, 29% in 4 days
  7. @KunjanPSD Alkyl amines
  8. How many stocks u ve in ur pf
  9. 7x returns, wow, I m gonna hold Navin flourine, alkyl and dn for long, will keep reviewing results every quarter. @KnackChap do check amber Ent, a big breakout is due anytime, been consolidating at 3000 level.
  10. Alkyl amines 8% up in 2 days, this is a stock which has given 700% returns in 18 months. What a day, jkil and alkyl both 6% up and that zomato listing gains
  11. Just checked, I sold at 12k profit, got 2 ipo this year, laxmi chem and zomato, both with super listing gains.
  12. I sold at 10k profit, I m happy with info edge.
  13. Yo Got zomato allocation and it seems tht listing will happen tomm. What do you guys suggest, should I exit with listing gains (if gap up) or should I hold for long term?
  14. You think it will go down below the listing price in future?
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