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  1. Really sorry, didn’t knew piracy sites aren’t allowed
  2. It takes two has splitscreen on a single console and it is the best experience you can get from a couch co-op game.
  3. I’ve watched naruto so i guess i can be patient ???
  4. Currently thinking on starting demon slayer. Is it worth it? Need some suggestions. Also came across steins gate. It seems pretty popular and high rated. Need some insight and guidance.
  5. Tbh i think the “you don’t have a real protagonist” thing didn’t really work out well.
  6. Just completed death stranding. Tbh i didn’t think I’d like it that much but goddamn it was amazing
  7. I think the same whenever i buy a game but during the course of time when i play it, idk i always get attached to the game and then I don’t wanna sell it. It may sound weird but the sense of ownership pleasures me in a weird way.
  8. At first i heard all the kojima commotion (btw this is my first ever kojima game),had mixed thoughts about it. Picked it up, loved the game, I’m near the end now and cherished every second of it. The weird genre defying thing really clicked with me and that was the interestingly the best part of all
  9. Lot of different picks. Amazing wishlist though.
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