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  1. I own a digital marketing company. Helping small businesses build a stable foundation, systems, in place to grow in the digital age.
  2. I would like to join this tournament too. Registration is open or closed?
  3. How many hours did it take for you to finish the game and how much you rate it based on your experience?
  4. I don't have any drift issues and the thumbstick grip tear. But I understand how it can be frustrating while playing FIFA.
  5. Yes! I've connected my PS5 and OLED Tv with an UPS and the UPS is connected with the inverter powered board.
  6. @Mr.Copyright© Did you mean you're donating this game to someone to their Playstation library? I'm new to this forum, just confirming.
  7. I've subscribed to gamepass for pc. How to avail Crunchyroll offer?
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