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  1. Hi all, facing a problem in Fortnite(PS5) on JioFiber - If I use a LAN cable, I can't log into Fortnite at all. If I use the 5ghz Wi-Fi, I can log into Fortnite but can't get into a match on Middle East server (lowest ping for India), but I can get into a game on European server just fine. Lastly, the game works completely fine if I use my mobile hotspot (Airtel) but the it's not as stable and the ping keeps spiking so it's not a viable option. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've attached an image of the error message. (I can't change the network provider from Jio as the recharge has been done for a year in advance and there's no way my Indian family is going to throw that away) https://imgur.com/a/FxAJOyN (error message) Thanks!
  2. Will look into that thanks ?
  3. Hi guys. Do these fans work? I've seen some YouTubers say they're pointless. I'm talking about the cooling fans that are attached at the back of the console. Thanks
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