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  1. Just the remake of the first and second game would be better than this pile of sh*t.
  2. Use pine resin to enchant your weapon so u get extra fire damage.Plus use firebombs dropped by the eneimes to kill the minions blocking the boss!.
  3. Currently playing Gravity Rush 2 and Demon Souls. Angry with Sony cuz Gravity Rush 2 does not have 60 fps mode.
  4. Beamer2123

    Elden Ring

    Damn i need vrr so bad why cant they add support to amd freesync .
  5. Beamer2123

    Elden Ring

    Does its game still runs like sh*t on ps5 version?
  6. I am using airtel its ok the router is sh*t.First i had the securom router which had problems with wifi apps like whatsapp did not load the messages so i asked them to switch it to huwaei but they did not have in stock so they switched it gx one which is stable but wifi speeds are very bad and ping spike in multiplayer games.
  7. Is worth to buy 3060 ti now or w8 for 4000 series to come? I currently got a vega 64.
  8. Try atomic habits idk it would be good for 10th class student but it has easy language.
  9. The good part is you can change difficulty in between the game and can also customize it to your likeness.You don't have to make shivs You get a indestructible knife you can use it to stealth kill anyone. not my difficulty settings just took the image from internet.
  10. It's the same as you described for TLOU P1.You dont have any f**king ammo.
  11. I have used it buy games and a ps5 charging station . No problem at all.
  12. TLOU 2 and GT7 loving both of them tlou 2 on survival difficulty is f**king pain in the a*s.
  13. Is this game using the same old creation engine?
  14. Sure why not,pls add me to the discord group.
  15. Bought the game loving it
  16. I got a call from them they said they will give me the orignal cover and manual
  17. Hello guys I recently bought a pre owned gran turismo 7 from gameloot. I got a cheaply printed disc cover instead of the orignal one and it's also missing the manual is it normal for the pre owned games?
  18. Bought an another controller for my PS5.
  19. Is this game worth the price?
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