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  1. In case there are RuneScape players among the good folks - seems there is a board game being made based off of it
  2. Duuuuuude super congrats on getting a copy of Infinite Undiscovery! I've always wanted to have a copy again (I had one during the 360 days, had to sell it). Just wanna play it on my Series X again when I have the time! The Bishoujo series is FANTASTIC <3 I only have the Alisa fig from Tekken and I love it a lot. Have you seen the Pop Up Parade figure of Chun Li? It looks awesome, too! I have it preordered and it will come out this December, I think. ----- For this post: No game though, just bought it for the unopened figures hehe Got both of these REALLY cheap Cheap deals again Not so cheap, but it's To The Moon!
  3. Thank you so much, that's very kind Been checking everyone's post here and on the other thread and everyone's collection is just freaking awesome, I love getting back to see the posts hehe
  4. Sorry to hear that I hope some kind of retro import store opens up in India soon! It's an untapped business idea and I hope somebody takes the reins hehe. I think they can, yes, particularly RetrogamerPH and Retro Haven, but I think they would require some kind of minimum amount for the overall purchase to make the shipping preparation worth it. We have DHL here so if that's all over India, that could work. Have you seen any LBC branch in India? It's a Philippine courier service but I know they have small branches in other countries, too, that could also work. ----- For this posts acquisitions Some random Japanese DS games, almost new/near mint! A still sealed copy of Hresvelgr: International Edition
  5. Sorry, I know this is an indirect and roundabout way of posting photos of my collection. I realized I haven't kept a proper set of photos of my stuff and I usually just upload them to a Facebook page I'm maintaining — so instead, I'll post a link of the photos section. I hope you like what you see! https://www.facebook.com/chardscollectibles/photos Edit: This view should be easy to browse through as well: https://www.facebook.com/chardscollectibles/photos_albums
  6. That makes perfect sense. Playing World/Iceborne was natural for me because I was familiar with the MH formula from playing Monster Hunter Freedom on the PSP so many years ago. If World took a long time for you to like, Rise may be a difficult game to appreciate and don't worry I think that's fine. MH remains somewhat niche compared to other games. I mean, it's a fantastic game but don't worry you're not losing out. Same here, I really wish it came out on Series X. It's hard to play a game struggling to keep things at 30fps when it could be enjoying higher resolutions at 60fps on the Series X (or PS5). Here's hoping the next one comes out on the PS5 and SX and that the game will have cross platform once and for all!
  7. Unofficial, NO confirmed info yet but fans seem to be hopeful that Path of Exile MIGHT come out on Switch. https://blog.playerauctions.com/others/will-path-of-exile-release-on-switch/
  8. Woah awesome! I didn't know we have a thread like this! Thanks for the tag, I will prepare a few pics that I can highlight here. I would love to go through past posts as well XDDD Sorry though, I'm being called back to work and I'll have a few pics posted when I can. Thanks again for the appreciation!
  9. Same here! For playability, I still go for English copies of games, but for collecting PS1 and PS2 games, yeah, I mostly go after Japanese copies since they're the ones I started with when my PS1 was new back in the day. Yes! We do have two famous retro shops here; one goes by the name Retrogamerph, they have a store and do online selling: https://www.facebook.com/RetrogamerphSTORE Then there's a newer one where I bought these PS1 games, this one only does online selling: https://www.facebook.com/JLGeekerie/ However, this shop would be my favorite and bought the most from in the past few years; they both have a store and do online selling: https://www.facebook.com/retrohaven/ ^ I am friends with them and they're a husband/wife duo who lives in Japan and has the goodies shipped to PH, then their family would sell the items on their page one by one. They also take orders. Some of the stuff I have posted here in IVG though are not from these stores but from other users who I'm with a big Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RGCPhils Sorry though, please pardon as majority of the language on all is Tagalog, but we do and can speak English there. Pricing is fairly good here! For the 2 Mega Drive games I posted, they were 600-700 pesos each, about 11-12 USD each. Then for these PS1 games, they are 300 pesos each, that's about 5-6 USD each.
  10. I will quote you now haha just kidding, but yeah I'm 100% with you on this. I played and finished all Dead Space games, they were all brilliant and even 3 that had many complaints about microtransactions was still awesome. I guess what I'm saying is they had a lot to bank on when it comes to survival horror action gameplay, and all those learnings will shape this game up to be a classic. Too much hype! But a good one at that.
  11. Currently playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on my Switch and I'M LOVING IT! Anybody else play MHR Sunbreak? I currently switch between Dual Blades, Sword & Shield, Long Sword, and Hammer. This is my most current build which I just made last night: There are a few good LS builds I found here which I plan to copy next XD https://blog.playerauctions.com/monster-hunter/monster-hunter-rise-best-longsword-build/
  12. These are fantastic looking bikes! This is awesome! I have always somewhat had a college dream of owning a Royal Enfield but I could never afford it. It's so awesome to see these 4 together like this <3
  13. Manila, my dude! Just came across this forum some time ago from an Indian co-worker/friend. I think due to our close proximity to Japan (and many Filipinos working there), it's slightly easier to get Japanese imports of games. Like this haul I got recently hehe (and they're not pricey at all) although the US 3DS games were gotten locally from a 2nd hand seller.
  14. They could actually do better than Superman (a Supes game isn't bad at all, though) and expand their games to the rest of the DC characters. I'm glad Suicide Squad is a good start and hopefully it's just paving the way for a Superman game if Suicide Squad does well next year.
  15. RPG elements aside (for now), the combat looks great. Could be as insane as the Arkham games when there are more enemies. They've yet to show traversal/vehicular gameplay though. I'm a little mixed if the game either still needs that or not.
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