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  1. Yeah, you've got the controls pretty spot on. It's like everything is delayed and you sometimes feel like you're playing an MMO that has high ping lol. There was news all around back then that there was supposed to be a sequel but they just dropped it. I think it's due to the sales of the game not reaching the target, something like it. Yeah it feels an absolute waste on MS/SE's part, the game could have used a few tweaks and it would have been a spectacular sequel.
  2. Hey, thanks for the tag. I'm super sorry, I've become inactive last 2 months ago. Wanted to spend some time with my Xbox for now. My Switch subscription also ended this October and I haven't renewed yet. Sorry I can't join at the moment but good luck with the hunts!
  3. Super sweet browsing through everyone's latest haul! <3 I was gone for several weeks hehe. Here are some of mine: ----- Hope you guys have a nice week ahead!
  4. I became inactive on IVG for a time and when I saw the news about the game not having 60 fps mode, I remember your apprehensive thoughts about the game and it turns out you were right. Now I have a pre-order for this that I'm requesting to cancel from the store and if I'm lucky, I would at least get a store credit for the pre-order payment hehe. I've never been saddened and felt lost out on not having a capable PC to play this and it feels so frustrating because the Series X (the one I have, but the PS5 can do it just the same) should be able to handle it. Urgh >_< (Update: I canceled my pre-order and the store gave me a store credit coupon for the pre-order payment hehe)
  5. Finally got into DMC 5 (Special Edition) when one of our local stores discounted it by 40% off. I'm enjoying playing as V a lot! On the side, I'm also playing Falconeer. A friend just got back from a vacation in Australia and got me this as a gift <3 It's such a beautiful game! Reminds me of Panzer Dragoon for some reason, and it's like playing a simplified version of Ace Combat... with falcons lol. I started making random videos of my gameplay runs. Not really to do it seriously but just for posterity... something I can get back to and watch many years from now.
  6. Infinite Undiscovery is fantastic! I remember I saw your picture post for it, Were you able to finish it? I have a copy too and though I've finished it back in the Xbox 360 days, I actually want to play it again hehe. Haha make sure you got plenty of time (and patience) to play it, the game can be dragging but the story revelations are incredibly rewarding.
  7. After years and years with RuneScape, Jagex seems to be interested in making a new game and it will run on Unreal Engine 5. https://newsdio.com/osrs-jagex-is-planning-a-new-open-world-survival-game/182600/
  8. This is incredibly awesome! I'm a big fan of blue, too. My Series X controller is blue and sadly that's the only blue colored controller I have at the moment. Good god this is incredible!!! I absolutely praise the ground you walk on for this majestic collection <3 <3 <3
  9. Anyone playing this game right now? I know someone just got it too, I think it was @playstationdude? XD I'm loving it a lot. The first 5 hours was enough to reel me in completely. Don't worry, I won't mention any spoilers but I've noticed, the writing and character designs are more matured and nuanced this time around. The story revelations are incredibly exciting @_@ Who's your waifu so far? Mine would have to be Eunie or Ethel <3
  10. I owe you that fighting game collection post T_T I'll try to post them over the weekend, sorry!
  11. In case there are RuneScape players among the good folks - seems there is a board game being made based off of it
  12. Duuuuuude super congrats on getting a copy of Infinite Undiscovery! I've always wanted to have a copy again (I had one during the 360 days, had to sell it). Just wanna play it on my Series X again when I have the time! The Bishoujo series is FANTASTIC <3 I only have the Alisa fig from Tekken and I love it a lot. Have you seen the Pop Up Parade figure of Chun Li? It looks awesome, too! I have it preordered and it will come out this December, I think. ----- For this post: No game though, just bought it for the unopened figures hehe Got both of these REALLY cheap Cheap deals again Not so cheap, but it's To The Moon!
  13. Thank you so much, that's very kind Been checking everyone's post here and on the other thread and everyone's collection is just freaking awesome, I love getting back to see the posts hehe
  14. Sorry to hear that I hope some kind of retro import store opens up in India soon! It's an untapped business idea and I hope somebody takes the reins hehe. I think they can, yes, particularly RetrogamerPH and Retro Haven, but I think they would require some kind of minimum amount for the overall purchase to make the shipping preparation worth it. We have DHL here so if that's all over India, that could work. Have you seen any LBC branch in India? It's a Philippine courier service but I know they have small branches in other countries, too, that could also work. ----- For this posts acquisitions Some random Japanese DS games, almost new/near mint! A still sealed copy of Hresvelgr: International Edition
  15. Sorry, I know this is an indirect and roundabout way of posting photos of my collection. I realized I haven't kept a proper set of photos of my stuff and I usually just upload them to a Facebook page I'm maintaining — so instead, I'll post a link of the photos section. I hope you like what you see! https://www.facebook.com/chardscollectibles/photos Edit: This view should be easy to browse through as well: https://www.facebook.com/chardscollectibles/photos_albums
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