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    FIFA 23

    FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pre-order is available for only 5 rupees on Epic Store. https://imgur.com/xmG0WpU
  2. PS5 GT7 bundle edition is available on reliance digital.
  3. Soundtrack of the memory meadows section was really good.
  4. Square Enix lost 200 million dollars on Avengers and guardians of the galaxy game. Pending Disney's approval, the rights of both games will transfer to Embracer Group. https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/03/square-enix-lost-200-million-on-marvel-games-avengers-will-continue-16575946/
  5. So I guess the guardians of the galaxy game sequel will not come out in the forseeable future.
  6. I guess they're also working on a multiplayer game set in Control universe.
  7. Is anyone still playing dirt 5 ? If yes, then add me. My psn id is zabardast_launda.
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