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  1. Site has been pretty slow for me since last week.
  2. I had a similar feeling with my iPhone and got the S23 , loved the small size.
  3. I have the PS Deluxe expiring next month, wanted to downgrade to Extra . I don’t think we get a discounted price on a tier below the current one. Any idea around this or when the next PS sale usually comes?
  4. Thanks bro! I had bought TOTK from Mcube games , but for other games I will check with the sellers. Need some details for those! DM’ed
  5. Planning on getting a few games for my switch in the next couple of weeks, any recommendations/suggestions for sellers or websites where I can get them at a reasonable price?
  6. Same, but happens only on my Airtel fibre connection, not in Jio. Sometimes I get a “too many request” error when I access any imgur link and have to activate to access the imgur link.
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