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  1. Out of 10, only 2 will succeed in GAAS. They say AAA isnt sustainable due to high costs. Wonder how much GAAS is sustainable when you have failed again in again in making a GAAS game. Isn't that bearing cost and too much burden on devs.
  2. 1st half was a snooze fest. 2nd half after SRK was pretty good.
  3. Sony can buzz off totally with this. Absolutely stupid. Rather watch WWE Sable than play this Sable
  4. This is true to some extent but the Erafication of IVG also was the reason for forum being silent now. Especially @piper with his nonsense policing and too many banning for petty reasons. Should have kept IVG the way it was from start.
  5. Did they change base game as well? As in missions and all? Because apart from a technical failure at launch, the complains about gameplay, missions and story were also there which was mediocre. Have they redone that as well?
  6. Why would they? Day1 games from MS was a desperate measure not a strategic one. Sony/Nintendo aint foolish to release games day1 when its selling 5 million in a week. You have to be really out of reality to think that Sony/Nintendo will release their marque games on a service day1 soon when its creating records sales wise GP is a failure. A colossal one. No one will attempt ever again.
  7. Havent they already captured the market? Who buys Xbox outside US?
  8. When you have nothing logical to say, take high ground and try to leave When are you going to your favourite Porkistan though? Did you celebrate 26/11 as well?
  9. For people like you, same dialogue is valid and appropriate every time No need to make any effort for people like you
  10. You are too concerned about Pak lol. Might as well shift there
  11. One bad entry doesn't make a dent to COD. If next one is good then its all forgotten. Its no ordinary game, it will take a lot of f**k ups to bring it down.
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