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  1. No I tend not to do that. Also it seems Battle Pass is only about cosmetics, which I don't care about at all.
  2. I am in the same boat. My primary account is US, and I have Indian and Hong Kong accounts too (which are active but I don't really use). So which version of COD should I buy?
  3. Can't say for others, but I would like to play the games during these Diwali Holidays, and not get it once the work week starts again. I understand the broader point of having patience and appreciating the remarkable technological feats that we are playing with in our hands. However, at the same time one can criticise Amazon for messing up a "preorder" If my local neighbourhood market guy had it on Day 1, Amazon with all its resources could have done the same. (In fact the game shipped one day before release date (24th) - it's just that their logistics seem to have royally messed up). As for waiting to see if a game is good, I agree. I don't buy digital because of this. I bought RDR2 digital wanting to play it the second it releases, also thinking the multiplayer would be great and I would be playing this for months, but it turned out differently, and I wish I had bought the disc so that I could have sold it off. I am not buying COD Digital for this reason at all. (I don't buy enough games to warrant sharing an account etc. with someone).
  4. Yeah, amazon has been a real let down! They don't seem to understand what "pre-order" means. Complaints/ Twitter etc. only elicits generic messages. My local store says the best price he can do on the Indian version is 4.5k and the one coming for 4k (which he can match) is the Hong Kong version, which comes in Chinese and English. He claims you can't do in game purchases with that one. I am not so sure about that. Is that a thing?
  5. Has anyone got their pre-order yet? My amazon order got shipped yesterday at 4am but has been sitting in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra since then. Customer care claims that (despite what it says in the order confirmation email) since this was a pre-order it automatically becomes standard shipping and not Prime. So so stupid. Have half a mind to cancel it, and just buy from some local shop.
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