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  1. 1200 Yep, my Steam Deck got delivered in 2 days. Freaking fast delivery and console is just awesome. Played for 5–6 hours straight after receiving it
  2. Ordered a Steam Deck yesterday. It was Sunday but they were active on WhatsApp. I paid via UPI for a discount. They told me that I've to place a COD order, and they will convert it to prepaid once I have paid. It's Monday today and the day is about to end. It still shows COD on my Payment Method and the order is still processing. I called them to confim, and they told me to wait till 10:30 PM. They also told me they will ship the product before 10:30 PM and share a tracking link. I'm waiting for that. Fingers crossed. I've heard good things about them, but it's my first order, which is a big one as well, so I'm a bit concerned.
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