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arun360's Feedback

  1. meaNmachine left Positive feedback for a topic   

    2 Xbox 360 Games + 1 Xbox LIVE Code
    highly recommended, fine buyer

    arun360 was The Buyer

  2. fearlessgamer98 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Assassins Creed 2 Game of the year edition
    Excellent buyer, highly recommended.

    arun360 was The Buyer

  3. abhi1980 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with. fast payment :)

    arun360 was The Buyer

  4. Shadow and Leia left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with

    arun360 was The Buyer

  5. Harsahil left Positive feedback   

    awesome guy. highly recommended. lightning fast payment. will deal with u again for sure bro.

    arun360 was The Buyer

  6. SchneideR left Positive feedback   

    10/10. Extremely Patient. Super fast payment, Great guy... :)

    arun360 was The Buyer

  7. shockwave left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Buyer. Prompt payment. Will definitely deal again. :)

    arun360 was The Buyer

  8. Shantz left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer. Very very patient :) Will definitely trade with him again..

    arun360 was The Buyer

  9. punit left Positive feedback   

    Hassle free customer. Prompt payment. Highly recommended

    arun360 was The Buyer

  10. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    cool guy, smoooooooth transaction :) very good packing!! highly recommended 10/10!!!

    arun360 was The Seller

  11. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    one of the most polite and nice guy to deal with...he is no longer a buyer to me,more a very good friend...highly recommended person to deal with

    arun360 was The Buyer

  12. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    smooth dealing...in one word...perfect person to deal with...

    arun360 was The Buyer

  13. ItsMeFiraz left Positive feedback   

    great guy to trade with damn friendly :D

    arun360 was The Buyer

  14. devil_angel left Positive feedback   

    Nice buyer,quick deal,no problems!

    arun360 was The Buyer

  15. Bharathz left Positive feedback   

    Super buyer and very nice guy!! Cant ask for more...Hoping to have more deals with him in future!!

    arun360 was The Buyer

  16. zen left Positive feedback   

    Payed immediately..def. reliable

    arun360 was The Buyer

  17. TheDribbler left Positive feedback   

    Juz shut eyes and deal with him. A very effortless deal. Acted promptly as he promised.

    arun360 was The Buyer

  18. TheDribbler left Positive feedback   

    Very cool chap....payment done instantly and constant communication. Though spent little time with him due to office work...it was a very pleasant one...with vadapav/chai lol

    arun360 was The Buyer

  19. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    well i got no other choice other then to keep repeating that he is exceptionally nice guy and as always pleasure to deal

    arun360 was The Buyer

  20. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    extra nice guy...swift payment..."excellent" is the word to best describe my friend

    arun360 was The Buyer

  21. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    like always..smooth ..perfect...excellent...one of the most friendliest and polite person i ever met in my life

    arun360 was The Buyer

  22. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    a really nice guy...prompt payment...very good communication..always a pleasure to deal with him

    arun360 was The Buyer

  23. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    one of the first friends i made in gi...excellent guy...a pleasure to deal with everytime...looking forward to dealing again in days to come..take care bro

    arun360 was The Buyer

  24. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    very well spoken...in doing business..i made a very nice friend...thanx bro!!!

    arun360 was The Buyer

  25. MightySkate left Positive feedback   

    Amazing guy. Made payment on time. A true pleasure dealing with him :)

    arun360 was The Buyer

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