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  1. Wow 😍 music to my ears . Iam gonna stick to it and complete all the seasons .
  2. In recent times I have started taking a liking towards this show as well.seems to be lighthearted comedy . Iam on season 1 though .
  3. Masterjack

    Gears 5

    play the first three games.Its a trilogy.(gears1-3) Then you can go ahead with gears 4 & 5 .
  4. Kindly clarify is it of course and not may be OR may be but not ofcourse angrezi samajh nahi ayi thodi . Samjha de thoda
  5. I just miss eBay as well.I bought too many items from there with amazing discounts .stuff that wasn’t available locally here .all purchases were made from power sellers . Never had any issues . Miss those good old days 😍
  6. So are the retailers selling ps5 in Delhi on the 12th or it’s online only ?
  7. i play fifa 21 most of the time .Iam fine with the controller.if it feels so uncomfortable to you then try the old controller or the elite controller
  8. I love the series x controller. Find it even more comfortable than Xbox one controller . The grips at the back on the new controller are way better .
  9. I leave it to speculation for now also never selling this console with all the strings I had to pull to get this one . people are so desperate to buy one of these that even if I want to sell it I can't .makes it all the more extra special
  10. So this arrived (powering my dreams indeed) 1. 2. 3. 4.
  11. All that I can infer from above is something happened between Rishi and jigsaw . now what could that be 🤔 Oh my insane comprehension skills are next to none 😈
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