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  1. Masterjack

    Halo Infinite

    Loved gears 4 and gears 5 as well.pretty good games .
  2. Masterjack


    Battletoads releasing on Aug 20th 2020 ( xbox gamepass,xboxone ,windows 10 and steam)
  3. This is a fantastic game.Do not understand all the hate it is getting . The Stalker section of the game is creepy as hell.This game has more of horror elements than the first game . Its tough to return to any other game after playing this one .The quality is top notch.
  4. isnt there gonna be a grounded mode?
  5. yup its pretty awesome
  6. thats why i pre ordered the standard edition digitally as a back up along with the (physical) collectors edition
  7. The forum has become extremely toxic unlike the good old days
  8. HYPPPEEDDDDD can u plz give me a metal gear solid remake konami ?
  9. THIS GAME ! Finished it again with blaze.keeps getting better with each playthrough.
  10. How is the combat in this game ? Is it pure hack and slash or turn based? And may I know the completion time for this game ?
  11. Masterjack

    Gaming PCs

    At those tech specs It will do 4K gaming . I don’t think it should be a problem .
  12. Masterjack

    Gaming PCs

    Lol games would run butter smooth on this . High settings should be a cake walk .but Wow that’s an awesome configuration .must be one helluva expensive PC . You can go ahead with the purchase if u ask me . Everything seems current gen and more than fine .
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