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  1. This is a fantastic game.Do not understand all the hate it is getting . The Stalker section of the game is creepy as hell.This game has more of horror elements than the first game . Its tough to return to any other game after playing this one .The quality is top notch.
  2. isnt there gonna be a grounded mode?
  3. yup its pretty awesome
  4. thats why i pre ordered the standard edition digitally as a back up along with the (physical) collectors edition
  5. The forum has become extremely toxic unlike the good old days
  6. HYPPPEEDDDDD can u plz give me a metal gear solid remake konami ?
  7. THIS GAME ! Finished it again with blaze.keeps getting better with each playthrough.
  8. How is the combat in this game ? Is it pure hack and slash or turn based? And may I know the completion time for this game ?
  9. Masterjack

    Gaming PCs

    At those tech specs It will do 4K gaming . I don’t think it should be a problem .
  10. Masterjack

    Gaming PCs

    Lol games would run butter smooth on this . High settings should be a cake walk .but Wow that’s an awesome configuration .must be one helluva expensive PC . You can go ahead with the purchase if u ask me . Everything seems current gen and more than fine .
  11. yup an absolute gem of a guy !
  12. or may be the forum changed into a one trick “pony” may be that’s why !😱
  13. I wonder why? 😢 miss those guys !!!
  14. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/coronavirus-israel-says-made-covid-19-antibody-that-neutralises-virus-in-patients-body-2223695?pfrom=home-topscroll hmmmmm
  15. Finished the game . What an amazing experience That final boss
  16. Yup performance seems similar Across platforms according to site reviews 1080p (60fps).
  17. Its amazing. The basic punch feels so good besides other moves. no silly rpg mechanics added either. Such a good beatemup game after a long time .requires multiple playthrough's to enjoy it . .The graphics and the soundtrack are amazing as well.
  18. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2020/4/29/21240091/streets-of-rage-4-review-switch-pc-ps4-xbox-one getting very good reviews as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3t27eIrrPg
  19. STREETS OF RAGE 4 (PC,PS4,XBOX ONE ,NINTENDO SWITCH ) ALSO RELEASING TOMORROW ON GAMEPASS Releasing tomorrow .reminds me of the 90's when i used to play cadillacs and dinosaurs, final fight on arcade machines.
  20. Cost to cost computers . Nehru Place , Delhi
  21. pushy idher kidher yeh le !!!
  22. Masterjack

    Battlefield V

    how active is this game on pc? iam planning to buy it .
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