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  1. So it seems flippykart is cancelling iPhone 13 orders, people are pissed
  2. Thought so, plus it wont cost a pretty penny.
  3. I'll be sticking to 1080 as I usually play very little on PC, wonder what's a good GPU to pair up with my 5600x
  4. Snake

    Elden Ring

    pre-owned bhi chalega, but it's still 3k
  5. Snake

    Elden Ring

    Im still looking for a cheap copy, no where to be found šŸ˜¢
  6. Are the nator bros gonna be there?? if yea, then the beta is not working for me
  7. Got my first compliment of this game. Had agreat round in TDM and racked a good number of kills with my shotgun. Got told that I will lose my hand in an accident
  8. New update incoming The new cars are the Volkswagen IDR, The Porsche VGT Spyder and Nissan Silvia S14
  9. Its as repetitive and tedious as you make it imo
  10. Im almost at the level cap for the beta. The did not have to change the perks system, you will spend almost half of the match without 1 perk, the footsteps are so loud that you can easily camp corners,angles because you know where they will be coming from. no red dot on minimap. the bunnyhopping with auto aim for controllers is straight up broken,people just jump corners and kill you with no time to react thanks to the low TTK .they still need to work on the muzzle flash/visibility when firing weapons. They better fix a lot of thing in a months time
  11. shillfrags is the same guy who said BF2042 was the best BF game ever
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