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  1. Snake


    Pray to RNGesus...no other way. you'll be lucky and get your gear set on the first try or fo thru 300 expeditions and gete nothing. I stopped playing because of their nerfs and proccing issues and damages mitigation issues.
  2. Guys please get back to the topic, if you have nothing relevant to the topic,please refrain from posting.
  3. cant deposit in wazirx, says this mode is temporarily disabled in IMPS menu
  4. how do you deposit funds on Binance?
  5. This is the last person you should be listening to. If you want to, I'd suggest doing the research yourself, please you will be responsible for bot the profit and loss.
  6. Obviously, must be a slow news day and the need to stir the pot
  7. Its ok, kinda lost interest after S2, plus I cant stand Jamima...she's grating on the nerves
  8. FYI,Wazirx is having issues with deposits and withdrawals.
  9. I was watching a movie in a theater located in the mall when she showed up...she looked amazing
  10. Aao kabhi House Beneviento mein...
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