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  1. Mom vetoed the plan for the one plus 7T. Decided to buy a Samsung M30s
  2. What's a good USBC earphones for a daily driver?
  3. Snake

    Death Stranding

    Always ensure to auto arrange, this will ensure you don't overstack deliveries on your back and case you to lose balance. There is also a side quest which will get you a upgrade for you backpack which feel is very important. Speaking of which, do sidequests...they will net you upgrades that will help you on your journey. The map will show you the timefall areas and the duration, however there are some area which are always under timefall Once you hit a certain level with a distry centre in the story,they will unlock the ability to fabricate shoes and other stuff, always keep an extra pair on your person at all times. If not, there is always Sandalweed.
  4. she's not to keen on wireless buds, so will have to get the adaptor.
  5. Hey guys, is the one plus 7T a good phone for parents. Also, it does not have a headphone jack, so do I need to get a adapter to use wired earphones
  6. We'll look into it Edit: iirc you can change the display name yourself
  7. I work odd hours (evenings) , so setting a diet was always a headache. But I gotta start somewhere.
  8. How's the sugar/carb free lifestyle working out for you.
  9. That's the plan , gotta cut out sugars and other junk
  10. Docs said the disc need to go back in place before any PT, so I'm currently focusing on losing weight... which is kinda hard when exercising is off the table.
  11. Tell me about it. Bike riding and a accident on it straight destroyed my lower back. Slipped disc twice and finally cause the disc to push right into my nerves. numbness in the legs feet, L4-L5, S1- S2..life's been hell. Not a single waking moment that I am not in pain.
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