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  1. Snake

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    The changes were due to people using exploits to get the game for as low as $7
  2. Awesome... now go buy a N95 mask and ditch the hanky.
  3. He'd rather risk his and other people's safety than agree that he's wrong.
  4. Darwin award winner right here.... Ladies and Gentlemen
  5. and 90% of the people don't know better. You tell them they are wrong and they'll say if others are doing it why shouldn't I?
  6. and this is why cases will keep increasing You should probably read up on why a mask is needed and why handkerchiefs don't do sh*t.
  7. The stalkers are great, you an see them staring at you from behinds desks, pillars, doorways etc and as soon as you spot them they scurry away. That's when this applies
  8. Snake

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    kyun bore kar rha hai behtukay sarcasm kay saath plz no reply after this from ur side.
  9. Snake

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Why do you need Alpha when Geralt himself posted.
  10. Snake

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Also... next time when you post some random piece of news, provide legit sources or else spare us the drivel.
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