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  1. For those who don't want to buy a PS5 now, I'd suggest hanging on to your PS4....in 10-12 years you will get a PS5 in a straight swap
  2. SBMM has always been in cod games, but as the months go on, the matches are no longer fun, every match is sweaty. Pro players whine because all they want is to pub stomp and make montages. They'll game the system to smurf/reverse boost to get shitty lobbies in order to make their ' OMFG GOT 30 KILLS WITH THE UZI, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SETUP' with their shocked faces as the video thumbnail
  3. Why do a lot of people with ' FK U ' money buy anything that's expensive and in limited quantities, . Show off and validation.
  4. PS broke my heart.... Is this guy 12 years old??? Also, go read Sam's poston why there is a delay in announcing pricing and availability.
  5. I never thought I'd read a discussion about wiping asses in a video game forum....2020 is insane
  6. I kinda enjoyed it. They just need to tweak the scorestreak values imo. will need to play this on the PC to see if it's a buy cause I can't play for sh*t on a sub 60 console with a controller
  7. Because the devs are not Riders on the storm and they can't get low.
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