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  1. I mean I understand where that person was coming from, some members were really towing the line in that thread when it came to pics, . It’s best it shut down. Sorry guys
  2. Rockstar released the trailer early
  3. Not me, one of the members who stopped visiting shortly after joining complained to the admins and the thread had to be shut down
  4. 29 years since release and the birth of a Juggernaut
  5. Just got the regalia gold card delivered, looks really classy. now gotta read ip on how to maximise the use on this card. Also whats the best way to get a limit increase?? Been the same for some time
  6. Why Xbox no longer provides sales numbers https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-explains-why-it-doesnt-reveal-console-sales-anymore/1100-6519566/
  7. Spain Sales Week 47 20th -26th November (Black Friday) Tracked hardware PS5: 48K (1m in Spain milestone and 2.5k of which were PS5 Slim) Switch: 30k Xbox: 9k PS Portal: 1400 PS VR2: 200 EA FC 24 is the biggest game of the year in Spain PS5 version: 32,000 PS4 version: 20,000 Nintendo Switch version: 20,000 Xbox version: 1,500 Top 10 Sales Week 46: November 13 to 19, 2023 EA Sports FC 24 for PS5 (32,000) EA Sports FC 24 for PS4 (20,000) EA Sports FC 24 for Switch (20,000) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch (20,000) Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for PS5 (15,000) Nintendo Switch Sports for Switch (15,000) Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Switch Wizard game for Switch (6,000) Super Mario RPG for Switch (5,000) Wizard game for PS5
  8. Decided to take the gold card, need to climb the ladder, plus I think I can hit the waiver spend limit now :p
  9. Doc, dis it say no joining fee for your upgrade option?
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