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  1. Could be possible as 505 published it for PC
  2. After about 40 hours (playing only on the weekends), I was finally able to finish this game. Went Royalty class, magic is OP af. Thanks to @Tyler for helping a noob out
  3. Snake

    Gran Turismo 7

    Yeah I’m playing the new menu books. They tough man, srill need to remember the track
  4. No, the story goes from 0-6. there is a lot you'll miss if u skip the games. Also DO NOT skip Y0. its the best game in the series imo
  5. This dude is a massive wanker and always cries about wahmen destroying movies
  6. Safe travels bro, congrats. Go throw a shrimp on the barbie ya c**t
  7. Yeah , there are different species as per yatuja lore , with their own hierarchy
  8. Watched PREY, really good movie. Loved the new predator design as it looks more feral than its counterpart in other movies. Also they did a great job with the devolution of classic weapons like the combistick and plasmacaster, even the cloak is not as good as the jungle hunter had. The actress was also pretty good , but most of the other characters were undercooked and were just cannon fodder to be ganked by the predator. They also subverted expectations with a few key Predator ideas which was cool to see and they also breadcrumb’d the first 2 movies which was great. Not too bothered with the CG which I thought was decent enough, probably they did their best considering the budget. Gotta give props to the clean visual and audio design. All in all, it’s a 8 ripped out spines out of 10 for me, hopefully the make another one with samurais or ninjas
  9. Agreed also switching from a actual jungle to the concrete jungle with a predator that is a bit more 'angry' that usual was a good change. FYI, there is a breadcrumb in PREY to references both movies apparently
  10. You havent watch the OG movie??? You better correct that or else
  11. But from where, don't say OLX. 99% of people there are massive wankers and waste your time
  12. Snake

    Gotham Knights

    Seems like a great candidate for gamepass/ps plus game
  13. I wont be playing on the TV much. the switch would be more for travel. and tbh I cant be bothered with OLX
  14. Guys, does buying a switch lite from gameloot make any sense? I can spend around max 15k to buy a switch
  15. They in self destruct mode. It’s sad to see them doing this
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