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  1. Sub to ps extra, download all 1st party
  2. I have about 27k, what’s the best use. Should I kill the 1-1boss?
  3. yeah, just have to get over that mindset I picked royalty because of magic
  4. what does the red knight give?
  5. After beating Returnal I have decided to start this game. Died a few times but getting hang of it still at 1-1, so I’d appreciate any tips to beat this game
  6. Snake


    It was like living spaces in Mumbai
  7. Snake


    Wanted to make a vid on the final boss fight, but it was less than 2 mins lol
  8. Snake


    Could stop thinking about this game after the last death. started at 2am from biome 1, went into " The Zone " at biome 3, got a amazing roll on tachy , some great parasites, figurine, respawn point and 2 small and 2 medium health vials. used just 1 health vial at biome 6, beat the final boss at 5.10 am no deaths, no figurines, no respawn. My God this game is amazing Now I can go to sleep
  9. Snake


    Picked up from start again since I died from my last post. Made it all the way to key 2 in biome 5 after beating the mandatory challenge room, unfortunately it took the one figurine I had. Will pick this up tomorrow
  10. Thats a very specific analogy doc
  11. Imagine being so salty about a game that you have no intention of buying or playing yet find the time to create an alt ac to sh*t on it cause you lack the guts to post it using your main
  12. Snake


    The catto after wearing the backpack
  13. The leak has a website watermark meaning it was part of a preview/review build/cop
  14. The leaker refused to provide any more footage past the intro when asked. Yeah, I’ll wait and before before believing the ‘ no gameplay improvement’ comment
  15. I hope a few in here got the dlc
  16. For the 1st half of 2022 in Europe (no bundles included)
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