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  1. If it were me , I’d cancel. Cause there are enough horror stories both here and online for me to never order anything from flipkart ever
  2. I just got a credit limit upgrade a good amount. But still on regalia
  3. The RE show is one of the worst pieces of video game related media ever created. The only good thing is Lance Reddick, Jack Blacks stunt double for a few minutes and the inclusion of afew classic RE monsters everyone else is just unlikeable and can’t act for sh*t. If anyone tells you it’s an amazing show, never trust that person for anything
  4. Snake


    Thank God I’m WFH today. Time to download catto game
  5. Games coming tomorrow Stray FF7R Intergrade Marvel's Avengers AC Unity AC IV AC Rogue AC Freedom Cry AC Ezio Collection Saints Row IV Saints Row GOH Spirit of the North Ice Age Jumanji The Video Game Paw Patrol ReadySet Heroes No Heroes Allowed LocoRoco MC
  6. Snake


    Entered biome 5, dead 10 mins in
  7. Snake


    Continued my run from last time, punched all the way to Biome 4 boss. Beat him by the skin of my teeth. No deaths best boss fight in the game dat boss music
  8. Snake


    Ok guys, question tachy carbine with leech rounds or electro pylon with portal beam?
  9. Snake


    I thought catto game was this weekend
  10. even GTS? I did read about controller shortages
  11. funny thing is that none of this has been confirmed by Sony or the studio. Not the res, fps or vrr. All this info is from an email sent by Game to its customers
  12. It’s odd that one of the biggest games of the year isn’t getting a SE like Horizon FW did. There should be a version between standard and CE
  13. Horrible stuff, he also names and shames a lot of studios
  14. Disc... always
  15. woh pata nahi bro, just saw that preorders start tomorrow
  16. preorders start 10am on GTS tomorrow
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