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    I’ma noob at this game and roguelites/likes aint my thing either. But what I found useful is to understand your environment, the enemies, their attack pattern and your weapons. Try them out and see which suits you and which weapon traits you prefer. This game is more like a puzzle than a shooter
  2. Snake


    iirc, you can suspend anytime unless you in combat
  3. Snake


    Got back to the game after a week, took me two 2 runs. BUT I JUST DEFEATED the 3rd biome boss. Thanks to the astronaut figurine and the health vial I picked up along the way. Decided to ditch the hollowseeker for my trusty Tachy carbine for the run where I beat it, used the hollowseeker before and got rekt. Now I can rest for a bit
  4. It's been taken care of, that person was sent into the shadow realm for sometime
  5. @AtheK
  6. Cory in the comments :
  7. Max simpage by Dr Elena Richardson
  8. We'll get a steelbook or SE like last time
  9. Or we gonna have a state of play next month for a deep dive
  10. Was a good marvel show
  11. the name Wednesday actually derives from two mighty but distinct gods. The Old English word for Wednesday indicates that the day was named for the Germanic god Woden. In Romance languages, the name is derived from the Roman god Mercury. (For example, Wednesday is mercredi in French and miercuri in Romanian.) The gods Woden (also known as Odin) and Mercury have been associated since Scandinavian and Roman cultures crossed paths.
  12. Also a big blow to all those who wanted it to be delayed to 2023
  13. Also cause its Remembrance Day in UK/EU
  14. Snake

    Death Stranding

    The entire range of expressions people can have in a Kojima game
  15. My condolences to you and your family bro. Take care of yourself and your dad too
  16. Snake

    Death Stranding

    While MGS3 was amazing, for me it was MGS2. The themes and meta commentary in that game was insane to think about when it released, but now makes so much sense when you look back
  17. Snake

    Death Stranding

    https://www.gameawards.net/2020/09/2019.html If your're willing to go all in on the crazy kojima train, then you'll love it or else you'll hate it. If you decide to play it, i'll see you on the road
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