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  1. Holy sh*t at the crash Ferrari being idiots as always
  2. I think it was bird cause I happened to order it at 2am
  3. Use spoiler tags, not even mods want to be spoiled
  4. Yall take this console wars a little too seriously. People still creating alts/ making snide and personal remarks. Guess simply asking people to behave themselves isn’t enough. This thread will be locked at midnight and will reopen if and when the mods decide.
  5. You can think all you want during your vacation.
  6. Snake


    So continued my run yesterday, made it all the way to Nemesis and died at phase 2. Doing better than I expected, just need to keep at it
  7. Fake right?
  8. Mjolnir replica part of the CE?
  9. do you have the latest version of the app? Just check, cause I own until dawn as well. I get the option to add the game from the sub as well
  10. Snake


    Oh yeah, I almost died there, thank god for bumper jumper. Thanks man, need to get back to the game. So happy for the suspend cycle feature they added
  11. I just use the D pad for movement and R1 for auto lock. But at the end of the day it’sa PS1 game
  12. Snake


    thanks for the tip, need to get a few more runs, but no time 😢 That was the only good thing I got in that run, RNG was really bad that time I know, I had no other choice considering my other weapon options were a pistol and shotgun. Fortunately it worked out in the end
  13. My 2nd attempt at Ixion boss fight with half health, no health items or figurines
  14. Snake


    After another 6 runs Ixion defeated. RNGesus still hates me, cant get a good a good weapon roll or parasites/ pickups. Only good thing on the last run was the slow auto heal on low health. But gad damn was this difficult. went in with half health, no figurine or health items and a slow firing carbine.
  15. Snake


    Phrike does telegraph a lot of its attacks, what killed me the most was the laser blast sweeping across the arena and the one where it swipes at you Just learn the attack pattern, keep moving and use bumper jumper if you can. It’s really helpful.
  16. Snake


    Dude, what’s done is done don’t derail the thread please. I won’t ask again
  17. Just started Syphon Filter 1, the game has quick saves and rewind features
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