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  1. As as kid I was very disappointed that the movie wasnt about the chocolate I used to get at the store (poppins). That's my only memory of Mary Poppins.
  2. Will try it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My TV has a netflix app and an amazon prime app. Both of which I use directly to stream on there. But I've not had a problem streaming netflix on chromecast in the past with my old TVs. Mirror phone sounds like a good solution. I will attempt that. But would that mean the video gets streamed twice? Once on the phone and once on the TV - meaning more bandwidth consumed? I have an app called webvideocaster, or something like that, on my android phone. That helped not double cast. For some reason, hotstar doesnt work on that either.
  4. How do you guys cast things on the TV from hotstar? My TV has an inbuilt Chromecast. Everytime I've tried to stream from Hotstar, I've had an error come up. How do I stream the phone itself?
  5. Dark World was the 2nd Thor Movie right? I'm not a biggest Thor or Marvel buff; but I quite enjoyed Dark World. Great movie to watch to the pass time and it was really funny.
  6. Yeah I think I can completely understand that. For some reason as the movie went on, I wanted the robbers to escape. I have no idea why; the movie actually didn't do anything to convince me I should root for them. But overall, I loved the movie. Best horror movie I've watched since Pizza (the Tamil version ofcourse). Heard Lights Out is good too. Need to watch it.
  7. Its hardly like you're going through each post. Just sift through them or wait for the 'report' function. It'll be used effectively when things cross the line. Eitherway, it is eventually down to the mods. By the ultimate objective is to discuss the demonitisation drive and its not over. Its open till 31st March in RBI. So alluding it to be over is wrong, both in practice and in thoery.
  8. Things arent better though. The very fact we have a limit on cash withdrawal means things arent better. They arent normal. Also, thread should stay open. Lets not clamp down on freedom to express how we feel on a particular topic. If it derides to political debates, it stems out of this subject. Delete posts which are malicious. Better of handling it, in my opinion.
  9. This Anshul guy clearly knows nothing about what he's talking. When he's losing an argument he says 'I dont have time for this' or 'Its like talking to a 5 year old'. Lad the only 5 year old here is you and you're clearly utterly f**king clueless about the objective of the move and the challenges involved by it. If the move is to go 'cashless' or 'digital' then I suggest you shut the f**k up and take a look at the world around you. Cashless is impossible. Especially in a country like India which culturally likes things tangible. Besides, why the f**k should I enrich the hands of the banks when I can take care of my money myself. The bank levy a charge saying 'its not easy maintaing other people's money'. Yet we are forced to use the banks and then pay a charge for them to take care of my money - what I'd have done myself in the first place. Bank is meant to be voluntary. Not the be all and end all of everything. You know I'd rather have a discussion with other people here who are open to actual discussion than someone like you who states 'oh you're a 5 year old. Oh I dont have time for you guys'. Then dont get involved in the debate.
  10. Absolutely. The way its shot is excellent. And the music and sound editing really create an incredible atmosphere. Coupled with the fact that the entire movie happens in a relatively small space, makes you even more tense.
  11. Watched Dont Breathe last night. Phenomenal movie. Was on the edge of my seat for the entire movie and there were numerous moments where I freaked the hell out, including yelping out at one point (probably the last time I did that was the 1st or 2nd Paranormal Activity film). Oh, and there were no scare jumps. It was all organic because of the tension.
  12. It's definitely a wake up call. And its best to have a wake-up call this way, than losing and crashing out of the cup to Preston. Hopefully, the team reacts positively and starts playing well early again. Imo, Sancehz as a striker makes us much more intiimidating and better as team. Giroud might be scoring goals and winning games, but Sanchez gives us more opportunities to score.
  13. We've been starting games brilliantly this season (most of it atleast). IF you expect us to thrash everyone that's not Man United or Chelsea, all the time, then you are sadly mistaken and havent understood football. Especially cup football, which is famous for giant kills.
  14. Oh come on! Dont be such a negative nancy. We won didnt we? Yes there are significant problems in defense that needs work. But we rested key players and had some major injuries and won despite the same. Cant complain all the time. Look at the positives. Perez was wonderful. Giroud notched yet another goal. Welback got some game-time. And we realised how sh*t Maitland Niles is so that we never have to play him again. Lot of postives for sure. The only disappointment is the team had to sweat it out.
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