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  1. True. Same here .....seen it a few times now .....still so awesome Was season 9&10 good? I kinda got bored with the Archer Dreamland season
  2. Damn.....so nostalgic Such a good concept ....binge watched it during my college days 😌 wanted to watch it again but retards removed it from prime and Netflix in India
  3. Have patience. Just like BB, It gets better season after season. Absolutely incredible show
  4. Damn @SchneideR that looks so good!!
  5. Awesome thread @Arthur Morgan dat samurai wow so well detailed nice job! @Ichigo Uzumaki
  6. Wow that's big! Sucks for PS fans like me But I rarely play/buy games on day 1 of release. So will do what I did for PS4 & xbone rn Ps5 at release date Xbox series x - 3-4 years later 😌✌️
  7. Thanks bro! Apparently so, the bill does specify it as the standard edition. Never expected to get so much in a standard edition!
  8. Thanks a lot @HundredProofSam The contents are so damn good! Especially that steelbook! Sorry for all the hungama in this thread.
  9. True ......As much as I love xgp .....Giving out so many free games won't support game developers. Especially indie game devs. So that maybe Sony's point of view too......not to dole out that many free games.
  10. Long time ratul bro! Damn Those bfbc2 days were so good!
  11. Thanks a lot everyone! After so many years on IVG I won something Was always a runner up those kz2,bfbc2,kz3 tournies , etc Sucks to see so much drama for a contest though, Nevertheless a win is a win I guess
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