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  1. That new controller sounds intriguing. Need more info soon. Hope the new trigger mechanism doesn’t make games much easier
  2. Vr? Dansgame Bc I'm tired of bf5 and apex .....ea give me bfbc3
  3. kold_war

    The Last of Us 2

    That steelbook looks okish ....ah well ..special edition it is ✌️
  4. kold_war

    The Last of Us 2

    Oh man.. that trailer explained so much and was so good! Can't wait!!
  5. kold_war

    Borderlands 3

    Damn that looks so good ....man I'm tempted.....but I'll wait 😌✌️
  6. kold_war

    Borderlands 3

    Noted So overall it's a good game.....as long as the gameplay still feels like bl2 .... I'm good ✌️ I even liked borderlands pre sequel lol.....so I'm definitely getting this game ....guess I'll just wait for it to get patched
  7. kold_war

    Borderlands 3

    people who are playing the sp campaign solo or coop ....hows it so far? not worth buying at mrp? BL2 was so epic damn ....had bought that at launch ......this apparently isnt that epic right? im ignoring reviews cos of the love/hate bias
  8. Omg I want them all😍😍😍
  9. Oh......that's awesome The customization options look really good....it took them years to go back to their roots lol
  10. Who's driving lol......terrible he's braking a lot while drifting (looks like you can't do that in this game).....this guy is a playing like a newbie 😆 Game Looks decent though ...will buy it earlier than expected if it's not an always online game
  11. kold_war


    QB was actually decent ....not as bad as ppl say it was Imo Thank God remedy is now releasing this game on PS4 as well dont have an xbone or decent PC to play this
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