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  1. Ive only played ff7 crisis core ...yet to play this one....but I definitely agree about this
  2. Man when will hardik get that odi ton.....he's been consistently getting 90s lol
  3. It's ordering online ..so I don't see it being that big of an issue Anyways ya ppl are still interested
  4. Haha no....still the same ID long time indeed!
  5. Wtf beech how can u confuse me with hope.....I'm on your FB friends list too.....forgot me this quick eh Anyways ....long time no see!
  6. Started watching the boys .....I mean it's good but not as great as people are hyping it out to be imo Will start mandalorian next ✌️ but is it necessary to have seen all the star wars movies before watching that?...I've only seen episode 4,5,6 and phantom menace till now
  7. The most challenging part of forza horizon 4 is getting past the start screen
  8. Ya of course i remember as well! It was really so much fun.....The.bf3 days were really awesome
  9. oh man ....what an awesome montage...you definitely deserve it ..my vote goes to you Plus bf4 =insta win just hope you have used copyright free music else it'll eventually be taken down i assume.
  10. kold_war

    Metro Exodus

    Such a good game Had it not been on game pass , i would have definitely bought the game. Worth every penny.
  11. Have patience for like 5-6 episodes.....after that it gets so much better
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