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  1. Any good sp games be it indies or aaa games ........sony exclusives like gow,hzd, uncharted series, tlou,r&c, ,ff7 remake, persona 5 Royal,etc ..... But please no BR games 🙏 Even platforms like switch have good games....... Maybe that's an option as well. If you have 4 ppl to play I'd suggest gta5 heists. There's also rainbow Six siege, overwatch in mp. .. But not sure how many like it here
  2. True story....such a wonderful chapter/level
  3. That was awesome @SpearHea:D i just finished this level fully in stealth ....but in the end these guys got alerted by the dead bodies
  4. Keep checking cdkeys.... Usually you'll get it for 2.2k
  5. Should be extended even further at least till 31st july. Imo 10 days is felt not sufficient.
  6. Same here.... Stopped westworld after season 1 ...tried the first episode of season 2 but couldn't bear it lol... The series did have so much potential but sadly I felt that it became meh
  7. Had a uk disc so bought it on uk psn ...costed almost the same .....Rs 492
  8. ya indeed.....damn those stalkers empty bottle, molotov+ shotgun combo ftw but god they are annoying
  9. Yup pretty much doing both of these lol Haven't experienced running out of breath as I'm playing the game in full stealth
  10. Haven’t done this yet (suppressor) but noted. i reached Seattle day 2 as well yesterday . I’m midway in that chapter now . But bc how to deal with those new creatures bc...not sure if I’m allowed to say out their names here but we can’t even melee them....so annoying
  11. kold_war

    Persona 5

    No no....I’m yet to purchase the game......Had I known that atlus were this generous, I would have purchased it sooner but damn the theater unlock section sounds fun...will definitely do that
  12. kold_war

    Persona 5

    Oh man....really? is this a limited time giveaway? should have bought this game at launch Edit: just checked the themes too...oh man they look so good
  13. Angry joe gave this game a 6/10 . The gameplay has been so satisfying for me....more than the first game. Yet to see his review but based on what i've played so far its definitely not a 6/10 for me.
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