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  1. True ......As much as I love xgp .....Giving out so many free games won't support game developers. Especially indie game devs. So that maybe Sony's point of view too......not to dole out that many free games.
  2. Long time ratul bro! Damn Those bfbc2 days were so good!
  3. Thanks a lot everyone! After so many years on IVG I won something Was always a runner up those kz2,bfbc2,kz3 tournies , etc Sucks to see so much drama for a contest though, Nevertheless a win is a win I guess
  4. They showed it at the end of the PC. That was so epic Cant wait!!
  5. Gimme warrior within remake plox 😌 The visuals in that game were gorgeous... especially the garden levels
  6. Bruh gimme a new mass effect instead I even felt Andromeda was decent lol
  7. Disc version as I can play used games on it or I can borrow disc from my friends or IVG library (if it's a thing then ) Unlike now , Hopefully during the ps5 era ivg library will have a lot of library members
  8. True ....all the qd games and until dawn are fun playing alongside someone
  9. I genuinely did not ask for it bro....those who were active saw it....I'm not sure if I can prove that ...but ya you can think whatever you want
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