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  1. They showed it at the end of the PC. That was so epic Cant wait!!
  2. Gimme warrior within remake plox 😌 The visuals in that game were gorgeous... especially the garden levels
  3. Bruh gimme a new mass effect instead I even felt Andromeda was decent lol
  4. Disc version as I can play used games on it or I can borrow disc from my friends or IVG library (if it's a thing then ) Unlike now , Hopefully during the ps5 era ivg library will have a lot of library members
  5. True ....all the qd games and until dawn are fun playing alongside someone
  6. I genuinely did not ask for it bro....those who were active saw it....I'm not sure if I can prove that ...but ya you can think whatever you want
  7. I never wanted any of my friends to vote just because it's me ......but some of the older ivg members saw my entry and shared it in our gaming groups.....what can I do about that lol I frankly don't mind giving up my votes too.....I did mention in the ivg discord group vote only if you liked my clip I have no intention of using any unfair means to win. Upto you guys now
  8. Very true. I like this look. The other one is a stupid fridge looking console
  9. I remember your frustration back then for this particular trophy But ya a really frustrating trophy indeed
  10. Is this offer still available? If yes how to avail it? That looks so good! Played what remains of Edith Finch....such a nice game!
  11. still better than not getting a POP game at all Ya that really sucks
  12. Guys enough of this lol. Let's get back to talking about POP in general 😁such a fun game Too Bad this never came out 😌
  13. Very true. That art style was so beautiful. It was a very good game imo. Cover art The music was really awesome! Ikr. I dont care even if its a remaster. Just give me pop ww, two thrones and pop 2008 for the ps4
  14. Why no warrior within though i wanted that more than this bc
  15. This so much....the combat and the level design in that game was so good Oh man the dahaka scared the hell out of me back then xD
  16. the US pricing is awesome......lol @ the indian pricing. Its worth it if you intend playing the games on game pass....but upgrading the SSD seems like a PITA....paying 220$ for a 1 TB ssd sounds retarded to me Now sony....its upto you....please don't price the console beyond 499$
  17. Of course! 1st season was indeed the best season.
  18. Crap ....I'm yet to complete.the third season.....it's good right? I saw only the first episode of season 3 and forgot about it
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