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  1. Completed ff7 remake. Now either astral chain or Zelda breath of the wild.
  2. The screen on it from what I've heard is really good....can't say much about camera though ...not that aware of that aspect
  3. Samsung s20 fe 5g has the better chipset and battery life
  4. Ya they have mentioned as 120hz for all qn 90a models....I'm just doubtful cos I've never seen 120hz refresh rate being supported for TV's below 55 inches
  5. Oh awesome! Thanks! Can you check if 4k 120 hz is possible? or that's not possible with your current Nvidia card
  6. Do let me know the result please as I’m contemplating to get this during dusshera here in Bangalore , Else during Diwali
  7. Expanse awesome choice of tv and series Question :does the 50 inch.model support 120hz refresh rate ,VRR ?
  8. Just finished season 1 of only murders in the building Amazing show
  9. Oh! That depends on the city i guess I guess I'll check locally as well
  10. Metroid dread on switch? If so ,yeah even i wanted to know about about mcube games
  11. If it’s another BR game I’ll lose it bc
  12. Saw those videos few months back.....He's made so many videos for the au9070 ..very well explained
  13. Ive seen complains on Reddit saying that it’s terrible…. I have an ear condition called tinnitus …it’ll hurt my ears if the sound is tinny :/
  14. Ico remake please....never did play it on PS3. If not... SoTC 2
  15. I thought the shantz telegram bot stopped working. There are other bots? Link or pm if possible please
  16. Ah then it’s a hard pass for me….it’ll shift my tinnitus into 6th gear then bc
  17. Question for pixel 4a users Is the sound quality for calls on speaker mode sound tinny/ poor quality I use speaker mode for phone calls at office a lot...so I want to know....from what I see on Reddit ,people say the call audio on speaker mode sounds horrible
  18. It's natural bro ...ya it's your parents money as of now and you'll have be dependent on them till you get a job ....don't feel too guilty ....When you start earning you will help them back in whatever way you want can I guess
  19. There was ICICI in last year's big billion day sale too....so I assumed they would continue with this year anyways ....but having an ICICI card has benefitted me on Amazon and fk as well Got my iPad on Amazon with discount few months back . Congrats on the phone and airpods btw
  20. Check out YouTube for some videos regarding your doubts bro.....that's what I did and do what @SuperT said.....take a few 4k videos in a pen drive and try it out at offline stores
  21. Ah cool no issues Edit :checked the website ....the cash back for mobile phones is with axis or ICICI cards
  22. Relax lol I have ICICI hdfc and SBI cc anyways an offer will definitely be there for either of those
  23. Thanks bro :hug: .....I'll let you know if I need it I know right ! Only axis card? That sucks
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