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  1. I replayed and completed the game few weeks back. Such a good game!
  2. The first 2 seasons seemed good to me. Loved the concept. However they butchered the ending . But in general it was a decent watch for me.
  3. Hey thanks! I’ll check out tinykin.
  4. Such a good game. Definitely worth playing. Levels are so well designed. Haven't played the first one but really like it when devs go out of their way and make a game better than it's prequel.
  5. There are much stocks that'll give you better returns. Don't buy based on social media. I suggest screening for better stocks by researching a bit
  6. Drew merch selling more than Cody? That’s wild
  7. This popped up on my yt feed. this post game press conference still has me in stitches . Cody couldn’t hold back lol. 0:57
  8. stupid embracer group I guess I'll replay the older games to console myself :/
  9. If they continue reigns as champion to break some record I'll be mad
  10. They could have given it to lesnar. Should have brought him back. Overall meh event. Also wanted Gunther to win the rumble . Guy is such a workhorse and deserves the belt but cody is fine too. Losing twice in WM will be sheer stupidity.
  11. Just don't do options as a newbie dude. You'll lose all your money Stick to picking mutual funds, reading zerodha varsity, maybe some books . Then maybe start investing in stocks. Just not F&O.
  12. They've been receiving orders on a frequent basis, it'll rally for sure.
  13. Feels like I should exit hdfc at 1700 levels. There seem to be much better bank stocks at lower PE. Or maybe due to the demerger, hdfc needs some time to perform better Anyway even REC and HAL are performing like crazy. Especially HAL, it split in September to like 1800 or so. Now it's back to 3000 lol
  14. Ah ok. Don't really care about that Need a good daily driver with a decent camera
  15. Haven't been following much of pulse headsets but wanted to know whether there'll be any difference in audio quality in pulse elite when compared to pulse 3d? Pulse 3d is like 5.7k on Amazon. Is pulse elite a massive upgrade in terms of audio?
  16. No I meant in comparison to the SD variant of my phone , it was more or less the same . Literally zero difference. Maybe it's different on better phones....on FE models there's barely any difference
  17. I have an s21 Fe which has exynos 2100 processor. Got it back then despite hearing bad things about exynos. No complaints till date. Doesn't overheat, battery drain etc Maybe they learnt their lesson after the initial exynos f**k ups?
  18. Want more daredevil Such a good series
  19. Oho Lol ya useless thread indeed. But what a waste of a welcome kit then. It's all just unnecessary documentation that like 5% of them even go through lol.
  20. Lol not deliverable for me too i guess I didn't click ahead after add to cart last night
  21. Holy sh*t! That's an amazing deal. It's still at 60k and even that's an amazing deal. But Whoever got it at 50k is super lucky. I have the 800c and bc i find that itself is so OP. Imagine this
  22. Played the demo. Very similar to the metroid dread style of combat. It's really fun! Definitely will be more fun playing it on handheld consoles.
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