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  1. Yeah now it's either wall mount or stand I opted for wall mount due to space constraints on table
  2. Guys.... Is it better to get the C1 table top stand as a backup now itself? Currently my tv is wall mounted But in case i want to place it on a table instead at a later date, i may then need it then I'm thinking C1 tabletop stand may not available after maybe 3-4years or so? Anyone has any idea regarding this?
  3. It's upto you bro. Personally I'm not aware of them. If you feel they'll deliver as promise, then you can try. But i still suggest it's better to get it locally. You'll get it for lesser than what FK is offering. I got the same model for 85k locally in mid April (there was no sale going on) whereas you can see the prices online retailers are selling it way higher prices.
  4. Check this. No idea about the vendor though Take a look at this LG 122 cm (48 inch) OLED Ultra HD (4K) Smart TV on Flipkart https://dl.flipkart.com/s/KzuXx0uuuN But best is to go and ask locally
  5. Forgot to check i bought it last year. I assume that its sine wave.
  6. Not sure if sine wave or not ...should check....what if it's sine wave?
  7. Entire home runs on inverter itself and it's in UPS mode....and inspite of that fluctuations are still fkin up my devices lol.
  8. Ya but I don't want to take further risk as my house is prone to severe fluctuations which had already affected my soundbar.....thank God soundbar was in warranty. The motherboard was replaced free of cost. So won't take any further risk
  9. The only thing I didn’t like in the battle system was that slot machine concept where u have to get 777 or something. That was ridiculous lol
  10. Was about to post this.....yeah looks more like a remake....will definitely get it for the switch
  11. Question: Do you all use any voltage stabilizer specifically for the TV? My house doesn't handle fluctuations that well. Has old internal wiring apparently. Has f**ked my soundbar's motherboard previously. Thank god soundbar was in warranty. Currently it's just plugged to a spike buster/spike guard. Thinking of buying a stabilizer. Please suggest one in case anyone uses it.
  12. My favourite game on psp Hope it's ok that i made a separate thread for this. Reserved this post for any future updates
  13. No separate thread for crisis core? My favourite psp game
  14. Oh oops Have you completed all the cauldrons? Those are really fun and rewarding. Few hunting trials and clearing out rebel camps are fun as well . You can try those if u haven’t. High level requirement side missions have strong machines too. Like in one of the side missions i had to simultaneously fight a tremortusk ,thunderjaw ,few small machines,etc. Rest all are just laborious…..collect this collect that ……annoying tbh
  15. Complete side quests as much as possible, else boss fights get tough as you progress. it's better if you level up to 39 or 40. Upgrade your weapons, armor and ammo pouch capacity. Higher Medicine pouch capacity especially is required especially in harder modes else The boss fights get insanely frustrating at times. And in the skill tree , get the valor surge and one more ultimate ability (R1 button) forgot which one,very useful during boss fights
  16. I overplayed side quests like too much lol. So game completion + plat time was 70-72hrs
  17. Oh man.i really hope so. Would love to play it again.
  18. Finished invincible season 1 Last episode was unnecessarily extremely violent lol. Overall it's an overhyped show imo Stranger things S4 so far has been phenomenal. NExt on the list , the boys season 3, moon knight , boba Fett , etc etc
  19. Same. I have a bad experience with exchange as well as buying a phone from Flipkart. I'm staying the hell away from them
  20. I like the C1 speakers too. Not sure if G1 is better but in C1 at least it lacks the bass like you get even with a basic 2.1 setup. Not only C1 , i guess the lack of good bass is in all the TV speakers
  21. You’d Be better off trying your luck in the monthly ps5 restocks on Amazon or shopatSC website. Avoid such ppl at all costs
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