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  1. The Order 1886 sequel rumor: graphics are truly next-genext-gen Not sure how true is this.....but I really hope it is I actually liked the game a lot 😌
  2. Finished gears 5. Now playing metro Exodus.....damn that atmosphere .. so good!
  3. Yup with headphones on.Always. So true...feels so intense at times!
  4. Just started the game....man the atmosphere is so awesome....still as good as 2033 and last light Also nice to see the TLOU style crafting system being used here
  5. Want region free dlc's for ps5 BC....pretty stupid that my UK disc of hzd won't be compatible with the Indian version or US version of hzd complete edition Already platinumed the game so save files won't work on US version/ indian version of hzd complete edition
  6. I've reached act 4 now.....that skiff part was unnecessarily overused BC .....besides that it's been fun 😌✌️
  7. Yay tekken 7......wanted to buy it for my PS4.....not anymore 😌✌️
  8. It was good.....but as Joe mentioned....felt rushed
  9. Oh man so much nostalgia in one post 😍 Lost ,smallville, supernatural,heroes season 1 😍 Better off Ted and IT crowd are really good ones! 11.22.63 is indeed an awesome mini series. Dirk Gently ....oh man....so good ....why did they cancel it BC :'( Also recently finished a series of unfortunate events.....was really critical about season 1 .....but damn it got so interesting....an amazing narrative series
  10. How was season 3 ....im yet to start it?
  11. not sure who my santa is ...please reveal yourself.....was looking forward to play this! Thanks!
  12. I received my gift too....will go home and post the pics also gifts sent to my banta 😌✌️
  13. Such a good deal.....I wanted frozen wilds but have uk edition of the base game ....too bad my saves won't work on the US edition Awesome deal though
  14. New BioShock 😍😍hope it's like infinite
  15. Just these many entries this year? It used to be at least 30 ppl
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