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  1. No paisa for G1 :'( Max budget is 1 lakh. Anything within 1 lakh with specs like C1 or x90j that'll suit my needs?QN90a is good but no Dolby vision is a letdown There is no direct lighting to the TV bro Light is on the left side of the room I did a specs comparison of c1 and x90j and in terms of handling reflections, C1 apparently does a better job lol But as I said there is no direct light falling on the tv I can use curtains to minimise daytime light and use oled right? But x95j is definitely out of my budget
  2. I also want to buy C1 , but I'm thinking about reflections because I play in a well lit room during day as well as night time There are no windows or tubelight in line of sight of the, but there is one to the left of it I've enclosed pics below Dark scene from dark knight rises(that's bane :P) Bright/ normal stuff Windows/ balcony to the left Tubelight 10 inches to the left side of me Not in line of sight of tv My question is Whether reflections on OLED will be worse than this while playing in a well lit room? I dont prefer dark room gaming due to medical reasons. So should i go for oled or FALD x90j?
  3. Finally I get to play part 1!!
  4. Hopefully Maxwell will replace Rutherford in the next game.
  5. Where can I stream peacemaker? Unable to find it on prime,Netflix , hotstar or Sony liv
  6. Didn’t know about this feature. Thanks! I want to buy phone from the Samsung site. If anyone has a referral code, would be really helpful
  7. If you buy it in offline stores you can get the 48 inch model for 89k or so. I had been to Croma few months back and they were ready to bill at that price. Since you have a budget of 1 lakh and require less than 55 inch this tv maybe suitable for you. You can research a bit about this on YouTube or Reddit , it’s like the go-to TV for most gamers.
  8. Depends on your budget if you can afford it get the 48 inch LG c1 oled tv
  9. Hey you can check out Samsung’s AU9070 43 inch tv…it’s got decent specs ,….you can game 120hz @1080p resolution https://www.amazon.in/Samsung-inches-Ultra-Smart-UA43AU9070ULXL/dp/B096BM7VBM/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1J6UCIGANM1KC&keywords=au+9070&qid=1648661083&sprefix=Au+90%2Caps%2C245&sr=8-3 Theres also hisense U6g but that’s 55 inches Never used TCL but maybe there’s an good option there but you can search around a bit on YouTube too
  10. Will C1 55 inch drop below 1lakh this diwali or it'll stay the same price despite C2 launch ? By then at least i hope all C1 55 and above will be evo panels
  11. Amen to that. Good games is what I want on the ps5 For subscriptions I’ll stick to gamepass
  12. Ya true. Bluedart in Bangalore are amazing. I usually get my bluedart packages way before the scheduled delivery date
  13. Ya they’re trash here too. But oh wow they were still “attempting delivery” even after 3 weeks? Yikes Thank god I didn’t wait much longer
  14. I got it from RD too But bro you'll need to pick it up from the delivery hub yourself. They use ecom express courier service for bangalore. The package had arrived bangalore on Monday.... Those aholes didn't deliver even after 5 days. I had to go to their delivery hub on the 6th day and get it myself bc
  15. Seems like it's only disc edition this time
  16. Plat #13: Astro's playroom First ps5 game and most fun I've had while platinuming a game
  17. I don’t know I logged in and saw limited content, so I assume it’s the indian crunchyroll?
  18. Just got my friends crunchy roll account Totally new to this. Have watched stuff like steins gate , rezero cowboy bebop, etc recently and loved all these Please list the must watch ones on the indian crunchyroll app
  19. Put notifications on for accounts of consoles_india and icgoriginal on Twitter , there are random drops of ps5 happening too Latest one being yesterday
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