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  1. Ask in Ragnarok spoiler thread SPOILERS - God of War: Ragnarök https://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66816-spoilers-god-of-war-ragnarök/
  2. Major spoiler. Don’t open the spoiler tag if you haven’t completed the game!!! Damn what writing though. They’ve subtely put so many hints in the game for this major plot twist.
  3. So damn true. I don't play RPGs but i loved ff7 and persona 5. That and there are so many waifu options
  4. Wtf man, it was actually decent. f*** you Netflix
  5. Got the 3rd package A framed poster of ichigo with his zanpakuto Bro it's so sick! Thanks @Vamos
  6. Same here Regretted not buying the remake day 1. loving reunion so far. Rebirth day 1 purchase for me for sure
  7. Damn man. Crazy!! This itself was too much and so good!
  8. Wtf should have posted at the end of the day. Another package arrived My dad and I are huge fans of the entire bond series. We've seen the entire series upto the Daniel Craig bond movies maybe 4-5 times thanks again!!
  9. Got my gifts Thanks a lot @Vamos Never had a baklava before. Really wanted to see what it tastes like. It's so good The book is awesome as well!!! Will read a couple of chapters this weekend Thanks a ton!
  10. Oh wow! Amazing quality posters. Where is it from? Any mention on the package.
  11. I've heard very good reviews about au9070 too btw for gaming ...check YouTube and rtings ...has 1080p @120hz refresh rate iirc Samsung 109 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA43AU9070ULXL (Black) (2021 Model) https://amzn.eu/d/eOIdEfC
  12. Completed 1899 season 1 Was quite good! Completed the leftovers on hotstar. What a f**ked up show. First 2 seasons were good. Third and last season was a disaster. Now thinking of starting better call Saul
  13. Oh yeah i did this to get the tv for a lesser price
  14. Which area are located in bro? If south Bangalore, i suggest looking at devi international in jayanagar. While others were offering C1 48 inch for 92-94k max, i got from devi for 85k. Else I'd suggest trying at croma locally. You can haggle with them a bit and get a much lesser price than what they are offering online. Girias didn't offer any proper discount. If all these don't pan out. Maybe ask your colleagues or relatives in b'lore if they know any local retailers tagging @Assassins Creed @Agent 47 Maybe they know other local dealers in Bangalore
  15. There’s a new hisense 120hz tv ….u7h. Maybe look up reviews about that. It’s 55k on Amazon. Maybe it will be available for cheaper prices offline. I’d avoid Samsung tvs in general cos I’ve had a bad experience with their soundbar, microwave oven etc plus few posts above this mentions a qn90a tv f**ked within 1.5 yrs. since there will be reflection , avoid oled at all cost. Maybe look up YouTube for recommendations Not sure what’s your definition of budget. But at 43 inches , you may not get all the gaming features at a budget. There used to be a Samsung au9070. That had good gaming features for a 43 inch tv. Maybe check out hisense too.From what I’ve heard, they have decent tvs for budget range
  16. Budget? Sales are usually during Diwali. Not sure if any other sale as of now.Maybe right now there maybe a Christmas sale. But do mention your budget
  17. Just completed the actual ending What an ending damn .....sindri broken. But glad to see that there will be a sequel. But man what a ending credits song. So good can't get enough of it
  18. Just completed the game and the actual ending What a game And damn the audio score throughout the game. So good! Added it to my Spotify playlist. Now onto doing more stuff
  19. Same here I had a q60t samsung soundbar and bc within the 1 year warranty period, the motherboard went Kaput. Thank God it was replaced for free. Else i was told by the technician that it would have costed 14k. Avoiding samsung products at all cost
  20. Nice! Good to know. Have you applied a heat sink to the kc3000?
  21. You have a kc3000 right? Using a heatsink with it? How's the performance so far?
  22. Oh i see! I store most games on an external drive.....just these mp games and their patches. Cos of that I'm thinking to upgrade to 1tb. Also is a heatsink needed with the ssd?
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