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  1. So effing true ! :giggle:

    And he will back to iPhone :P


    I still havent sold the iphone :P




    why no galaxy S though ? :spank:

    and Desire HD :naughty:

    arrey wanted a N1 eversince it launched but never ending up getting it, so got a new one at a good price so picked it up :P . Desire HD not launched and i am sure will be way more than how much the n1 costed me :P


    Nokia has a better resale value :giggle:


    You bet, it's true btw :harhar:

  2. <3 My first and last love <3

    I picked up a nokia E72 recently but when I thought of this phone I put it back :fear:

    I do want to upgrade but I wish I could upgrade in this form :(


    Are you serious :ack: you using this instead of your e72 :majesty: What is it that you like about it soo much :ko:


    Got myself a Dell Adamo 13 brilliant machine, Mandarina Duck Laptop Sleeve & an Apple Ipad 64Gb for the wife.. :D



    Awesome Purchases :fear:

    Congo :cheers:


    But why not a MacBook Air :rofl: or is that the adamo xps ?


  3. When I mentioned that I was not talking about the IMEI, I was talking about the laser engraving being done by a third party. Thats why it seemed a little bit shady. I remember when these came out people who were selling it for prices like 18k US$. And this was way way back, so I highly doubt that its legit. And why would anyone who can buy a aston want to sell that phone he got along with it? For a low price.


    I understood that but when you go to that site and enter the imei number it will show the make and model of the phone. Also when you sync with the pc suite it will show you the phones make and model (model meaning "8800 Aston Martin Edition" ). When it was launched it would sell for $2.4k max. also the Aston Martin Edition comes with a special dock with the AM engraving and a extra slot for charging extra battery and the overall body of the phone is a shade or two darker than the original 8800. The phone did not come with a Aston Martin :naughty:. It was sold by Aston Martin (England) as a collectible, go through their site, they have a section called collectible's.

  4. ^Haha, m sure when the phoen released it was not so outdated as it seems now. Besides this one seems like those Vertu Prada luxury phones which no one buys!


    almost every arbi (in u.a.e at least) has a vertu in their pocket with a hands free connected in their ear and their name etched on the back :doh::P

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