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  1. Ozil has been amazing

    It actually Takes playmakers more time to settle in the Bpl but he has settled very quickly . As for his attitude? I think just like Navas he's a confidence player and needs motivation and confidence


    That 1 signing of Ozil changed arsenal and their fans opinion of the club

  2. As much as people are in awe of Bayern. The fact is 11v11 Arsenal matched them and with that central defensive pairing I won't be surprised if Bayern are hurt by a top quality striker. Also bayerns football was not to all boring. The Vision, the passing, the runs were all first class. All they lack is a striker and even that will be sorted next season.


    Also Toni Kroos was magnificent and He made sure Bayern did not miss Schweinstiger ( yes he also will come back)


    Arsenal should take heart from the first 35 minute and should try for 3rd place and the fa cup cause realistically that's what their squad is capable of. Also it's too early to call Ozil a flop

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  3. and its funny how liverpool fan says referee screwed them in last two matches. Sterling was not offside against city but no one talked about skrtel pulling kompanys shirt at every corner

    why so much biased views ?


    Watch any match and watch a corner

    That answers why no one is talking about it

  4. Howard Webb :majesty:


    The retard always manages to get a huge decision wrong in a big game. Im sure someone will try to justify that Etoo went for the ball but the problem is it was a yard ahead.


    That's 2 big games lost all because of incompetent officials.

    Only Silver Lining is that out of our 9 away games left 6 are against teams in the bottom half and we play all the teams above us at Anfield. Not bad but it could have easily been 4 points better

  5. It's Mertesacker for sheer consistency. Not put a wrong foot in the league till now.


    Koscielny had a horrible start to the season vs Villa. Has been quite good after that. He conceded another stupid penalty too as far as I can remember.



    Easily the Best this Season


    Ronaldo otw "lashe beecha denge" >_<


    He deserves it but I won't be surprised if Messi wins it again

  6. People here take too much joy from other teams doing badly. Its quite alarming to read so many people goading Man Utd fans pointlessly, here. Its staggering to see Arsenal fans do this. We've been there before and in all probably could be there again, later this season, its an all too familiar feeling. And trust me, I despise Man Utd and as long as they are away from Arsenal in the title scene, I have no complaints. That keeps me happy.


    Im sure there could be a lot more productive discussions here than just kicking other teams when they're down(This goes for other fans who goad Arsenal fans when they have a bad game as well).



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