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    For what he'd bring to our squad and how he'd be so effective in our system, I think its well worth spending 30M. Its not everyday you have a chance of bringing such a versatile player like him.


    The main issue is that Playmakers from another league take a lot of time to settle in the Premiership and at 30 Million it is a huge risk.

  2. Oh what the hell.


    In football if A > B and B > C then it doesnt necessarily imply that A will be > C.


    Next thing you'd be saying because Sevilla (that finished 9th in 12-13) defeated the current english champions, it and all la liga teams finishing above it last season are by default better than all epl teams.



    La liga ostensibly IS Madrid and barca, no other team from there has made a serious mark on UEFA cl in last decade, unlike epl teams whose all 4 entries (city and lady luck notwithstanding) have won or come close to the title, or multiple semi final entries at the very least, in the same period.


    Agree with what you say except for the impact of Villareal

    They were brilliant in their debut season and had Riquelme not missed that injury time PEN who knows what might have happened

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  3. Yeah. Weren't those more because United didn't bid high enough (if they did), and not because the player refused to move?


    Hazard would've been a nice buy. :(


    Still they did turn down United. This time as well similar thing is happening and people are just blaming Moyes

  4. Yeah. Valencia's poor performance last year after his excellent 2011-12 season was just bad. It would've been great if Nani wasn't injured, and if he could've impressed last season. Oh well. Looks like Zaha is performing well.


    What do you mean he hasn't been able to attract any top players? Did a few players turn down offers from United this summer? :unsure:


    Thiago and Fabregas

    But even last year Hazard and Lucas turned down United, I doubt Moyes is at fault


    You are talking as if your club hasn't sold a player to a rival in the same league. Have you forgotten Torres to Chelsea? You had nothing to do with the fact that Torres's form dropped so badly & he became a shadow of a player after the transfer.


    Also valuing Suarez at 80m :roflroll:


    Now THAT is the height of delusion! :rofl:


    Also how classy your club & players are. Raheem Sterling arrested for assaulting his girlfriend - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/index.html Such a classy club!!


    Check what was Arsenals opening bid for Suarez

    We sold to Chelsea for this reason, Torres wanted to leave-we quoted price and they matched. They did business the right way.


    Talk about class?

    We have synonym for class in Gerrard. He has more class than all your players combined

  6. Very well put. Both Henry and Brendan deserve lot of credit for the way they have handled this affair. You saw rodgers interview the other day? :majesty:


    Ya saw

    Even if we do sell Suarez to Real i will be happy. The 1 shining light that has come though this storm is that John Henry does care about the club and that alone is enough for this transfer window.

  7. Arsenal to bid 20Million for Gundogan :lol:


    My guess is that Dortmund wont sell for any less than 35 or 40

    Also rumors that Arsenal gonna bid 47.5 for Suarez. Let's see if they do

    Fellaini will do the job, but wont be my ideal summer signing. Realistic target, maybe.





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    TBH besides a LB, a Fellaini is all you need if you keep Rooney

    Im surprised that Nani has not been given more chances. I feel he is a lot better than Valencia and Young

  8. Im happy our owner is a classless twat rather than a secret agent for a rival club who literally gift wrapped a league title last season


    We all know how much Champions League has helped Arsenal retain players in recent years


    Henry,Fabregas,Van Persie-Great players,great captains who decided that your club despite being in the UCL was not good enough

    Stevie G enough said


    Bidding based on a tabloid rumor is as if you are playing football manager or Fifa career mode. Its the bid that has pissed John Henry. Also when Barca bid less for Fabregas it is extremely disrespectful but when you guys bid 50% of a players value then it is fine

    Great Logic there


    Only reason i like /respect Arsenal is cause of Wenger and he is the only reason you guys finish in the top 4. Some of you Arsenal fans make me like Manchester United more

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  9. Delusions of Liverpool fans & their owners have no limit lol.


    I don't care that much about Suarez, if we sign him great, if we don't then good luck to whoever else buys him or to LFC if they keep him but the way they are acting as if they are anywhere near to Arsenal or any other top 4 or 5 teams in the PL right now is laughable.


    They almost finished as much points below us as we did below United last season & have finished below us with a gap of more than 10 points in the last 4 seasons!! They are nowhere near challenging for the top4 even this season!! Please Liverpool is not a rival for Arsenal despite how bad we ourselves are doing right now, Everton, Swansea, WBA more their rivals nowadays.


    But yes I totally understand they have to show a strong face to the media & boast about being rivals to Arsenal but if anyone takes those statements seriously then I fear for their mental health.



    Our aim is to overcome either Arsenal or Spurs for that final Champions league spot and if we sell to Arsenal then its giving them another 2 year advantage.

    The owner taking a stand is a clear sign that he is not at the club just for the profit. He is doing what Levy did to Chelsea and remember Spurs finished above Chelsea last season.

    He is doing what you guys should have done last season, though your choices were limited with only 1 year left.


    Also Everton,WBA and Swansea our rivals :lol:

    We are 3rd if we remove the first 1/3rd games when Rodgers was finding his feet. I am not saying we are very close to Arsenal but selling Suarez will increase the gap which the signings of Sturridge,Coutinho and Aspas have closed.


    If you cannot understand this logic then I feel sorry for you. You are the one thats lost sight. The last time you guys won a trophy we were European Champions so look at yourself first before calling us delusional.

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