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  1. He is no where near the best in the leauge


    vertonghen agger rio evans better then him


    Verthongen and Rio were far superior than him last season. If Verthongen maintains this form he will be the best in the league. Koscieny might be better than Agger and Evans but definitely not in the Top 4 in the league


    35 million for suarez :lol: No thanks.It will be a treat to watch cazorola and suarez play together but still dont want him to sign for us.


    I am still shocked arsenal are going for him.Still dont believe :P


    Wenger bhai kar lo yaar sign kisiko toh.Nearing july end now :ack:


    He will bid 40 for him next



    Yes mourinho ruins players careers, just look at the following spiteful reactions from some of his former wards-








    Brilliant Post

  2. A club is the biggest when it has the biggest fan base not most value in terms of money.


    We have biggest fan base and are 2nd in brand value according to forbes.



    Deal with it.


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    As much as I hate United and Rad will know I hate them just a little more than he hate's Liverpool but I have to accept this statement. But even you will have to accept this

    We are still the Most Successful English Club in Europe :)




    considering how you started watching football and posting in this thread after you started playing FIFA(12?), its ironic that you are not a United fan by your logic.




    Keano not generalizing here, but I've met so many "fans" who will pick a fight with me just because I am a Pool fan, and Oh the great rivalry. But they don't even know players like Ole Gunnar, Wes Brown. Many don't even know that Nistelrooy played for ManU.


    They do have a portion of plastic fans who know nothing about Manchester United as a club but that is bound to happen as they are so successful over the recent years.

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  3. Good news regarding Mark swaz-dont know rest of the spelling coming to chelsea. He may be 41 but is a damn fine shot stopper. Will be a very good backup to cech.





    Umm.. What has height to do with a prediction? That is quite a specific criteria you are using to generalise.


    I mean I can understand if one would mention 'strikers from sire a' or even 'south american strikers from sire a' and their performance as such upon arriving in PL; but this height thing confuses me. Also it isnt as if cavani is abnormally tall or short.. :huh:





    Actually my reference was more towards height. Many tall strikers do well in other leagues but in the BPL which is the land of giants, their advantage gets nullified. Hence many tall strikers have failed like Morientes. Bianchi, Silenzi, Maccarone; Bernardo Corradi,


    Also strikers from Serie A who failed Andrea Silenzi, Massimo Maccarone, Rolando Bianchi, Adrian Mutu, Shevchenko and Crespo

  4. Rather get cavani :lol:


    Check how many tall strikers from Serie A did well in the premiership.


    Yes he bites, but yes he's worth 50m.




    Six matches ban left to serve . that ain't half a season .



    So Liverpool fans can put with/defend the racism and the biting, but being offered £30 million is what finally gets them outraged?


    Btw what do liverpool fans think would be an 'appropriate' bid for Suarez or what do they think Real would offer them if they want to sign him?


    50 Million is a minimum and whatever you call him that does not change the fact that he's in the Top 10 Players In the World.

    I understand Madrid are trying to play hardball for Higuain and are asking for more money from Arsenal. I hope this is just an attempt for Arsenal to show 'Look we have other options, we're bidding for Suarez, so if you raise the price we're going to go for him'. But in reality I dont think we are genuinely in for Suarez. Hes not the right fit for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will never be able to handle a character like him. I dont think Id be able to digest watching Suarez in an Arsenal shirt, if it happens. For all his quality, hes a petulant and immature person who does the most stupid things on the football pitch.


    Just some leaked news to restart the Higuain deal

  5. Nemo staahp man , this isn't gonna go anywhere good.


    Keep calm and support the blues and enjoy the football .




    Thiago very very close to United move :wOOtjumpy:





    Excellent Signing


    Nice signing

    EA update fut tomorrow :fear:



    That's just a rumor i believe :fear:

    But if it does happen, I wish we get back Torres in some kind of exchange deal. He will relish playing with Coutinho. But Sturridge he wont get along :suicide:


    We will not sell Suarez to Chelsea and we will not give Torres 190K pw

  6. Finally Finished The Last Of Us and

    It's The Greatest Game Of All Time.

    It's Story is Better than Most Movies and the characters are brilliant

    The Last Of Us is the Game that i would showcase everyone of those stupid people who say games are just for kids.

    As a gamer there has been no bigger privelege than experiencing The Last Of Us

    All Developers Dream but only Naughty Dog has managed to make that Dream Reality
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