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  1. What’s your PSN? I thoroughly enjoy the 12v12
  2. They don’t expect Xbox fans to know things like these. Hence the question difficulty. I was asked how many days will feb 2021 have
  3. Anyone wanna tag along for the beta? Playing alone with sbmm can be exhausting
  4. Be that as it may. For a next gen console, wouldn’t you rather they show Valhalla over a game from the early days of previous gen? I know backward compatibility it lit, but how about show some future games?
  5. Anyone playing or liking the beta? I’ve played extensively last two days and I’m feeling mixed !
  6. Locked and loaded. See you on the battlefield !
  7. FOV slider on all consoles Treyarch Studios @Treyarch Coming to the #BlackOpsColdWar Beta: • NEW MAP: Cartel (6v6, 12v12) • NEW MODES: VIP Escort, Combined Arms: Assault, Fireteam: Dirty Bomb • NEW FEATURES: FOV Slider on consoles, Ping system, HUD visual toggles + more! Details at the blog: https://treyarch.com/game-intel/2020/10/New_Ways_to_Play_in_the_Beta…
  8. Try playing with bots (I don’t know if warzone allows it but multiplayer does). Practice aiming.
  9. This seems more likely vs that other list 😂
  10. Wow! So many exclusives. PS is done ! Can’t wait to play “unannounced project”, so many devs seem to be working on this massive cross studio first party IP
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