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  1. Days gone The average reviews held me off but I am really enjoying the game. It’s slow paced especially in the beginning but camp 3 onwards, you really get immersed in the story and characters
  2. What is ironical is that US is extremely bothered about protecting an unborn kid but not as bothered about ending gun violence that has led to so many living kids being shot dead in school 🤔
  3. well, it’s only fair since the investigations by Activision on Activision said Activision did nothing wrong
  4. Starfield would really need this. That game was running at 20fps during the demo walkthrough
  5. A beautiful looking current gen game / best graphics. Not everyone has that 👏👏👏
  6. Game is gorgeous - but the night snow missions won’t show it. Played on pc and it’s the best looking game by a mile
  7. the excuses in here for why Xbox exclusives games are delayed - a hot take
  8. Cory has been very active on Twitter baiting! CANT KEEP CALM
  9. It’s not “versus” though. There’s no mention of that other console
  10. If only you’d done that earlier to warn us that 2022 on gamepass is barren
  11. Not cell shaded enough to look like a 90s game
  12. Plague take and probably starfield are worth playing. The rest 🤢
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