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  1. How much is this delaying the appearance of cod on gamepass? My subscription is till end 2023
  2. Pre ban them like @Kumar123 and @triggr happy ss
  3. RV1709

    God of War

    Jesus, play how you want and at what difficulty you want. It’s not a competition and everyone needs to calm the f down
  4. RV1709

    Gotham Knights

    Now im debating whether to get it on PS5 or PC 👀
  5. when you read this without context and nuance, it’s umm different *pitchforks out*
  6. Don’t play it like halo 👀
  7. Imagine giving second grade treatment to the console that owns activision
  8. I’ve played this significantly last week and this week. This is MW2019 with features removed and systems that didn’t need changing, changed. IW games always penalise you for being a rusher or a mover and they’ve made that an even bigger penalty this time around - loud footsteps , dead silence is a field upgrade, enemy markers and nametags removed impairing visibility.
  9. good they clarified it doesn’t alter their current plans or delays the development. Twitter knows how to exaggerate situations saying delay into next decade etc etc lol
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