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  1. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    Yeah, the rain reminds me of GTA trilogy remaster. Needs to look less like milk. I’m lactose intolerant so it’s giving me anxiety
  2. Apparently facts are shitposts these days - just like terrible games are passion projects, or - sales is not the metric or - first party games are not a system seller
  3. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    HYPED but yeah tune the rain
  4. Can’t believe MS employees are posting stuff like this. So it’s Sonys fault that MS leadership is terrible, their studios are horribly mismanaged and they have a poor track record of first party exclusives despite having more studios ?
  5. In other news, 100% of Xbox series users are not using their console
  6. Pls take all that to the Gears thread (that no one visits)
  7. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    Is it me or this game looking one of the best graphically ??
  8. not sure how anyone can consider Xbox and Phil’s team to be competitive. They’ve been getting BODIED left and right since last gen. The only way they can even compete is through a acquisitions and we know how they’re known to mismanage their studios (343).
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