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  1. RV1709

    Ghost of Tsushima

    I don’t remember any of that 👀
  2. RV1709

    Ghost of Tsushima

    I remember how this was a justification when Xbox one was considerably weaker lol
  3. RV1709

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Was an Xbox after Craig went viral for the wrong reasons OT: these are some amazing stats
  4. Unfortunately Airtel is not an option. Will be on the lookout for local isp options
  5. Which ISPs in Mumbai are good? I’ve been using Hathway for 10 years but their ping spikes make online gaming extremely unpleasant. They haven’t been able to fix it despite changing wires
  6. MS is like those Chinese phones that promise megapixels but have poor optimisation
  7. Hope this is good Black Ops1/2 were my favourites in the series
  8. 😂 the backtrack is on par with the Xbox one E3 showcase 1. 4k60fps : not every game 2. most powerful next gen console: see halo infinite 3. first party titles across Xbox family : not anymore 4. 22 first party titles shown : 70% won’t be released till 2022
  9. RV1709

    Halo Infinite

    Let me sign real quick is there a petition to cancel xsx too? Send it over
  10. Even with the head start that Xbox 360 had, didn’t they eventually tie in hardware sales ? I believe X would have made more money from a service perspective as LIVE/Gold was a paid service
  11. RV1709

    Far Cry 6

    Haha, the narrative of the most powerful next gen console lasted a week with Halo looking the way it does and this being parity
  12. Now that I’ve had a moment to think, what is really embarrassing for MS marketing is how they hyped up both their events, self proclaimed titled themselves as the “most powerful next gen console”, took jabs at Sony. All of this made them really fall flat. I remember Aaron Greenberg interjecting himself after the PS event saying “third party games like RE will look better on xsx” and Phil saying “he felt confident after seeing the ps event”. All of this creates hype and when you don’t deliver, you end up looking like an idiot What PS marketing does right is they constantly end up managing expectations by not proclaiming things like these. They don’t even acknowledge MS’ presence and quietly showcase their stuff. It’s the high road taken and so far, it’s only benefitted PS
  13. RV1709

    The Medium

    But Xbots told me all games on their console will be 60fps
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