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  1. Call of Claymore: Modern Campfare This game was designed for camping
  2. Will it also run similarly on gtx 1650?
  3. For those who pre ordered on PlayStation, the beta is available for pre load
  4. RV1709

    Gears 5

    Dude, stop posting spoilers
  5. RV1709

    Gears 5

    I’ll be on it . gt: rv1709
  6. When do pre orders start on Amazon ? Asking for the beta code.
  7. Bumping a very old thread. Anyone playing this online? Are you'll able to find matches? I figured with the game being free on psn plus, it would be more active
  8. Great. Thanks so much. This is helpful. True.
  9. Thank you for this. Are these good enough for multiplayer gaming considering input lag?
  10. Hi all, Can you recommend an affordable 4k tv for gaming? 43 inch and upwards.
  11. Clarification on retro maps: Do you only get the 4 retro maps (Summit, Jungle, etc) ... 1. If you pre order a digital copy on ps4? 2. Even a retail copy would have this? I know you get immediate access to it for black ops 3 if pre ordered from psn. But if one just wants it for black ops 4, will it be possible thru a retail copy?
  12. RV1709

    Battlefield 1

    Cool. Thank you. Should I get the base only or the version with all dlc? I ask because I might not get games on the base game anymore right ?
  13. RV1709

    Battlefield 1

    I was thinking of picking this up. Are you'll still able to find marches or no?
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