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  1. RV1709

    WWE 2K22

    I don’t think the graphics are such a huge step up
  2. I bought it at launch for the same reason why most ppl buy an Xbox console ie PlayStation was not available
  3. I don’t even play cod on PlayStation. It’ll be fun to see MS bury the franchise just like halo/gears . All that money and still can’t make good games
  4. If I was MS getting clobbered generation after generation by Sony, id throw around money too time to make good IPs now... they have all the studios, how about some actual good games
  5. Still has no good games (since you think cod is sh*t)
  6. @triggr happy ss do you still think cod is tasteless? Or is it the best game ever?
  7. Ok let me get the ball rolling
  8. I had the exact opposite experience. I felt a lot of the missions lacked variety and it became your same run off the mill kill this guy, fetch this thing. Gta V solved this in a way with their missions and having three characters. I did love the darker setting but this game aged very poorly. The controls are another conversation altogether.
  9. VR is niche they said when the only thing niche is playing on an Xbox
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