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  1. this game was released on my birthday 🥳
  2. Sad. The Arkham trilogy creators were forced to make this
  3. Does this have Crossplay? Wanna play together if you’re not on PS?
  4. Did anyone get an invite to the closed alpha test ? I got in and can invite upto three friends on PS
  5. tbh, the maps are nostalgic but the movement is nothing like cod mw2. You’ll realise most of these maps don’t play all that well anymore once the nostalgia goggles are put aside. Depends on what was the last cod you played
  6. https://www.flipkart.com/flipkart/p/item?pid=GMCGTJ492HGKVKRV&affid=rohanpouri&affExtParam1=ENKR20231127A692140809&affExtParam2=ENKR20231127A692140809 39,990 for a ps5 disc version
  7. no, war is 6v6 and objective based. Renetti is hella used in the lobbies I am in with a riot shield
  8. sniping is OP because of high TTK. So an AR and SMG takes more shots to kill
  9. War mode is insanely fun https://xboxclips.co/rv1709/3d29300f-e08b-448a-a44f-b880a34f45fa Level up Renetti if you haven’t already. It out does primaries https://xboxclips.co/rv1709/8bc1976c-885d-4345-bb04-8298a3004184
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