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  1. what’s happening here ? @triggr happy ss @Vaibhavp
  2. I googled and it looks like a mod Ashleys armour isn’t. You can unlock that
  3. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    I think her voice actor is terrible. But I also like the fact that Leon is very guarded in his scenes with Ada given she’s never given him any reason to trust her. The original kinda forgot the way Re2 ended
  4. You guys have to try this cheese in your second third runs. This is hilarious
  5. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    Cutscenes have been real time since re7
  6. Microsoft is so consistent about giving terrible games at all price tiers
  7. Elden ring with RT performs better on ps5 vs Xbox. Where are the tools??
  8. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    So the new OST is better than original?
  9. The fact that you can’t tell if he’s joking or not tells you so much
  10. horizon dlc looking great. Horizon sequel has a lot to be thankful for to halo. The way halo was able to bring a sequel to life with halo 2 clearly influenced and inspired the horizon sequel
  11. Wdym? halo paved way for sequels - no one had done it before halo.
  12. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    I’m hearing the new music score is better than the OG soundtrack. Will replay with new music in my second run
  13. meanwhile, if this is what dragging looks like.. Jimmy has nothing to worry about
  14. actual power of the cloud unlike the gibberish Phil spencer has been spewing since Xbox one days
  15. Imagine such embarrassing sales figures in Japan after 20 odd years. Tells you more about MS and their “strategy “
  16. Let MS compete by buying everything!! They clearly can’t do it on their own
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