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  1. So they’ll sell anything and everything but games i can see why @triggr happy ss feels Elden ring is a masterpiece. It’s cause they have nothing else remotely comparable on their platform 😭
  2. Xbots are masquerading as Elden simps even though they don’t even play souls games. Just watch on YT 😭
  3. guess activision doesn’t see it’s games to be on par with grounded and see if thieves
  4. https://twistedvoxel.com/the-callisto-protocol-review-embargo-details-patch-1-02/ this says review embargo lifts on day of release. Red flag?
  5. Looks amazing. The sound is perfection
  6. Which game ? It’s a GOTY contender, 94 MC, 5.1 m sales in a week. Meanwhile xbox ? NA, 60 MC, NA sales, OUT OUT from the charts 😭
  7. Valhalla, metro exodus, plague tale requiem all have same dualsense integration on pc as they do on PS
  8. Any idea if dualsense implementation will be on steam
  9. RV1709

    Resident Evil 4

    march is so far away 😭
  10. MS in a nutshell “we can’t compete on a level playing field so we must be allowed to buy our way to leading the category as we have money to buy other people’s already established work”
  11. My understanding is that they took help from actual community modders for this - the ones who had made those hd textures
  12. Meanwhile Xbox is selling refrigerators, nail polish, controllers and discounting their discounts on series L 😭
  13. How is Sony scummy? Cod is the biggest franchise and can tip consumer buying preferences. MS doesn’t have the creative vision to make fresh and appealing IPs. So they have to resort to buying popular franchises 🤭
  14. Elden ring sold 12 million across several platforms in 18 days. Assuming they sold 8 million in a week at a total level . That puts it at roughly 3-4 million in week one on playstation. but you keep being delusional
  15. 5.1 million sales in a week @ 70 dollars is really making xbots seethe 😭 interesting cause many don’t even finish the “passion projects” on Xbox.
  16. 60fps on consoles is without RT
  17. Microsoft is self aware. Meanwhile the delulu ivg xbots …. 😭
  18. Pretty much. Some also use the term passion project as camouflage to describe -AAA games
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