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  1. Played the game early morning today.

    Pretty good improvements overall I would say. Loved the shirt animations as well.

    The star of the show has to be The Journey! Bloody amazing (Part being a United fan myself :P). It has brought back life into an old fifa feature in an all new sense. Just loved the cut scenes and momentum.

    The decisions, the dressing room, Etc all makes you feel in the game! :D

  2. Guys care to share the link of the seller you bought the ps4 disk from?

    Just received another email from amazon (after the correction they had sent saying the game will be delivered by 26th) that the game will now be delivered by 30th.



    Congrats looks sexy. :thumbsup:

    They cut down on packaging cost it seems.


    But trust me, other than the thread stripping on the OnePlus One box, this packaging feels more premium. Minimalism has its own charm I believe.


    Congrats mate


    please post pics of

    the breakfast you cook with it tomorrow

    :P :P

    Hahaha. Not that hot as far as normal usage is concerned.

  4. Hi guys need help from opo users.

    I am having a lill problem regarding wifi. The thing is suddenly the browsing on the opo with wifi seems to be very slow ( i am on a 4mbps plan and the net is working perfectly on a laptop though). Every webpage or applications that work with net have became slow and takes longer time to aync with server. This just started out 2-3 days ago. Dont know if its opo fault because even other phones have became suddenly slow at browsing through wifi. 3g is working fine on opo.


    Side Note: prviously there was a problem that i would connect to modem through wifi but i could not access the internet on any of my wireless device and also on opo i would get an exclamation mark on wifi ap .Idk but it seemed like if i changed the wfi security to wep i was able to access the internet though it seems fine now.


    So any possible help would be appreciated


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    Have 2 OPO at home being used by my family members and they have been regularly complaining about facing the same speed issues with wifi and frequent disconnections. It seemed to have happened couple of days back and is now constant. Guess the only solution I see to it now is to install Oxygen on both the devices.

  5. I think an consumer should understand that main target of manufacturer probably is not the customer who has a M8 but one with M7 or other phones. Flagship shoukd not be changed every year, they have a good life span of min 2 yrs,only impulsive buyers would want to change phone every now and then and ofcourse reech beech.





    As if you and i have never been there :P

    Well if the companies (Android platform) are really bringing out the devices hoping M7 people would switch and not M8 (or previous year edition phones) then I believe they are doing it wrong. And this is precisely the reason apple sells so many devices every year even with marginal updates because people want to switch their devices as soon as a new one comes to the market (1 year life cycle). Then again this is where Android devices have cannibalised their sales by bringing out flagship devices after every 6 months (thanks to sony :| )


    I absolutely agree with you that these devices can very stay at pace for a good 2-3 years but then with all the genuine innovation and gimmicky features on both hardware and software side they make your 1 year old devices look redundant and slow. It is a vicious circle :\

  6. i never liked OPO, but that is me. I have not seen MI4 in person, so can't comment.


    S6 and S6 edge are loaded with cutting edge tech, and finally no more plastic. 2550 mah Battery is a huge downer though, let's see how such a pixel dense screen will tackle it. The microsd and removable battery features are gone.


    M9 also looks bloody brilliant, and the 20 MP camera is being touted as really nice. Ultrapixel camera is a selfie camera, which should make it great.


    Good times for Flagship hunters. I will still i guess buy a MI Note Pro(if i can get my hands on one)





    M9 is not a very impressive phone from what i have been hearing from hands-on previews. The camera might have a 20MP sensor; but there is no OIS and the images are nothing much to write about. The front cam has always been a highlight and will continue to remain so. As an M8 user; i would not be keen on extending any more rope to HTC. They have been really bad this time around. Expected a lot more from a company looking to survive in the smartphone market.


    S5 looks like an iPhone 6 knock-off (sad but true). It's also a compliment to designers @ Samsung who have finally decided to move on from glossy plastics onto metallic designs. This is a phone S5 should have been.


    S6 Edge has me interested. It looks different; and could be something folks at Cupertino would be looking at with huge interest (expect something similar in the next iPhone)....Samsung has just not reduced side bezels; but shown the world how to introduce extra real estate. Having worked with mobile ad networks; i am presuming that extra space will find much innovative usage...


    The real bottleneck with Samsung is going to be the following:


    1. Touchwiz : Samsung touts that they have cut down on features; which is good news. But still...that UI is pukish worthy. Running stock android on Samsung is a charming thing.

    2. Battery : Letdown as AtheK mentioned

    3. Pricing : With note edge priced 60k+; i don't see that price point being changed. This is one thing that will make/break Samsung at least in the indian market.

    Pretty much summed up what I wanted to say. Being an M8 owner, I am happy HTC has saved me another 50k and my current device looks good to remain as my daily driver for another good year. M9 thought beautiful seems like a step down when it comes down to overall refinement. M8 as per reviewers still feels like a better built device and has better aesthetics. Also the camera is a BIG BIG let down, didnt expect they to give up and follow the Megapixel rat race but alas they did.


    Coming to Galaxy S6 Edge, I wonder how much of a premium would samsung expect customers to pay for a curved screen (which is majorly aesthetic, not very functional unlike Note edge) over the normal Galaxy S6. Though kudos to them for ditching plastic over metal, but hang on these scam stars should be banned downright for shipping Exynos devices to Asian countries instead of Snapdragon. This is loot.

  7. 64$ :fear:

    I wonder why you really wanted an aluminium bumper for a phone thats already 90% metal. Also the whole ''feel in the hand'' would be gone after you plonk the bumper on it.


    But cool purchase nonetheless.


    Here is what I wanted to do for my M8 and finally did when the package arrived from USA today morning.



  8. Ordered devilcase body bumper from ali express with 4 body stuckers


    Very premium quality

    And the stickers are sperb

    Though the bumper is slightly bulky then compare to other ordinary bumps but the cuts and design is very unique






    How much did the bumper, wraps and shipping cost you?



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