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Bulovski's Feedback

  1. ngaged2005 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTB GTA V and DA:I for XBONE
    Swift trf, awesome buyer. A++ highly recommended & Respected by me.

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  2. playstation left Positive feedback   

    Great Guy. HE immediately made the payment and kept in touch all the time...It was nice dealing with him. Thanks! Highly Highly Recommended!

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  3. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    SWift Payment without any issues.... Excellent Buyer... Recommended

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  4. Django_3101 left Positive feedback   

    Awesom buyer, fastest ever deal, prompt payment, A+++++ recommended

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  5. Phoenix Wright left Positive feedback   

    Awesome Gramps is awesome. Prompt payment, and very patient through the shipping delays. Win.

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  6. jackhammer06 left Positive feedback   

    10/10....Awesome guy!Would love to deal once again! :) Fast Payment,hassle free! A+++

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  7. Dark_Knight left Positive feedback   

    10/10. Great guy to deal with. Super fast payment.

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  8. SchizoidFreud left Positive feedback   

    Grandpa be awesome.

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  9. Aftrunner left Positive feedback   

    Very fast deal. Esp for an old man. :-D

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  10. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    Fast Payment, no hassle trade. Highly Recommended !

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  11. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    great guy to deal with, quick payment

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  12. VoiLaTeR left Positive feedback   

    AA+ ...Awsome buyer....Immediate payment ! ..... Looking forward to trade again !

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  13. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    Prompt payment.. great guy to deal with :)

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  14. rAgHaV left Positive feedback   

    cool buyer.. prompt payment..

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  15. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    awesum buyer... prompt payment, hassle free trade. Recommended !

    Bulovski was The Buyer

  16. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    excellent is the word to describe him...made a new friend too...really nice guy ...knows how to deal..."perfect"

    Bulovski was The Buyer

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